Should Barack Obama appoint Mitt Romney to his cabinet?

  • It would prove bipartisanship.

    I think it would prove that Barack Obama has bipartisanship. He just picked John Kerry over Jon Huntsman for Secretary of State, which implies some kind of liberal bias. I think that Mitt Romney is a flawed man. He frequently flip-flopped during the 2012 presidential election, and he wasn't necessarily very loyal to the Republican Party. But I think that his more conservative mindset, combined with Obama's super-liberal rarely-compromising beliefs, could make for an interesting and potentially effective cabinet.

  • Romney reaches across party lines

    I would feel much safer, as a conservative if Mitt Romney was helping the President. I would know that the financial markets would get better. Also, I would not be as nervous about that financial cliff. I also would know that Mr. Romney would keep the democrats in check and our country would be safer. 50% of us wanted Romney, so not all Americans wanted the President as he claims.

  • Yes

    Romney in cabinet will do bounds to:
    1) Improve republicans' resolve to compromise
    2) Improve relations with Romney
    3) Prove the campaign between Romney and Obama was purely for the good of the country.
    If you want to prove there were no hard feelings from the campaign, you need, or should I say, MUST offer the opponent something.

  • Yes, establishing good will with Republicans is a good move

    I feel that it would be a good idea for Barack Obama to appoint Mitt Romney to his cabinet if there is an open position that he's qualified for, because it would be a show of good faith toward the right and demonstrate a desire for bipartisanship efforts to help solve the nation's issues.

  • Should Barack obama oppoint Mitt Romney to his cabinet?

    Really? Come on, the man bought businesses then drove them to bankruptcy collection millions along the way. He was congratulated for putting together the games in Mass, but he had to call the terrible government and get money - around 1.5 Billion or more. So once again, we bailed him out.
    Please, let the man retire to his new garage and let's move on!

  • Romney Lost, Get Over It

    Mitt Romney lost the election and doesn't deserve a spot on President Obama's cabinet. Although it would be a nice move to offer a high-profile Republican a spot, that's not the right person for the job. Romney may not even take a position on Obama's cabinet if offered. He may feel like he got the second prize instead of what he wanted.

  • No way should Romney be in Obama's cabinet.

    Mitt Romney should defiantly not be appointed by Barack Obama to serve in Obama's cabinet. Romney lost the election for a wide variety of reasons. These reasons include his record on social policy, his inexperience, and his lies. He would serve as a dividing factor not a united one, and I can't see where he would benefit the Obama administration.

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