• Yes

    I have seen Romney's 5 steps through his planning and do not agree. I think Obama made a reason in the 3rd presidential debate and that convinced me to choose obama as the next president. Now that I already heard all of those opinions, im impressed. Romney lies sometimes, for exapmle, he included the Latins in one part, and say that the latins make good money, that is not true, most of latin america is not good.

  • Typical.

    I think Americans are brilliant at ushering someone into office with Disney like expectations, and four years later using him or her as a dartboard to hurl their blame and dissatisfaction at. Do your research people, for the country he inherited I think Obama has done quite a few right things, not all, but does he deserve another short four years to pull us up and implement his goals? Yes. We gave Bush 8 years to screw it up.

  • Yes, he should.

    Barack Obama hasn't done any worse than most presidents. It is not his fault that he became president with the US's bad economy. He has reached out to the leaders of other countries and actually gotten them to hate us less and is the first president to be pro-gay marriage. He has only begun to change the US for the good, and if he is voted back, I think he can do better.

  • Definitely.

    I'm not American, but from the news and by looking at the characters of the two presidential candidates, I'd have to say that Obama is definitely a better choice. Because, well. Will people seriously vote for a man who wrote off 47% of America when a president is supposed to work for 100% of a country? Are you all seriously considering voting for the man elected by the same people who elected Sarah Palin? I don't know what to say.

  • Yes he should be

    Yes he should be because he's the lesser of two evils. But American's shouldn't let their politicians keep throwing out the idea of the American dream like it's actually something achievable. Do you realize that the "American Dream" is actually more achievable in at least 10 other countries... i.e. Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway...etc..

  • I support re-electing Barack Obama as president, because he has done more than he promised.

    Obama was handed a bad economy by Bush, and wars on two fronts. He has tried to improve the economy, and he is bringing the troops home. Obama also gave the orders to kill Bin Laden and other high-ranking terrorists. The world's esteem of the United States has risen, since Obama became President, as well.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • No

    I've thought long about this. I've looked at it from both sides of view, and I just have to say no. I believe that Barack Obama has wasted his time in office. I feel he has spent just too much of it on vacation. Being the president is a huge responsibility and a job that should be taken seriously 24/7. I believe that Mitt Romney would be a better president because he would devote more time to trying to change our country for the better.

  • God Help Us

    Obama should never, ever again be elected for anything, He's horrible. Did you not see the interview where he commented on visiting all 57 states??? There are 57 Islamic States. if he is re-elected, we will be officially screwed. He isn't a good president, and if he's re-elected God save us all.

  • There really never is a great choice for president.

    I would rather have some one who is pro america, and not apologizing to the rest of the world. Obama has made us week, and eventually we will pay for it, if he is reelected
    president. He is a smart man, with no common sense and balls, to make us strong. Do you want to be controlled one day by another country. we may have our own issues, but we are still free to express them etc etc.

  • I

    have never seen a single good argument in favor of re-electing Barack Obama. Since this question doesn't seem to imply Obama or Romney, I'm saying that there is absolutely no need to re-elect Obama. He added tonnes to the debt, and the only argument I have ever heard in favor of him is "he's better than Bush", which, apart from being completely unsupported, is still no reason to vote for him. Heck, I could be better than Bush, but you're all not voting for me now, are you?

  • There are two parts to a president, the politician and the business man. Barrack is severely lacking in one aspect. Ill let you guess which...

    In fact his only defense seems to be his chipper family life! It may be true he inherited a hole but that is no excuse to dig deeper. He may have his morals, but what we need as a nation is a person who can handle money! Not some lawyer with a lighter and a 100 dollar bill, laughing in our faces. We may not have built it. But neither did he. The economy should always be priority. THAT is how the roads were paved, THAT is how the bridges were built. THAT is how we have time to spend on fixing problems in the world! Fact of life is, to change the world for the better, you need money. That money, is exactly what we don't have a lot of right now. This administration has failed from the Stimulus all the way to Obama care! Obama is a failed president. So next time you run around protesting about how Mitt Romney is the devil, just shut up and let the big boys do their work!

  • No,

    The term is 4 years. If we're only going to get professional bullshi$%ers to represent us, I at least want a new one every four years. Who cares-who lied more or broke more promises or saved more money on taxes or smoked more weed or beat more geeks up it doesn't matter who the president is, the house passes the bills and the "professional" assistants write them. Presidents only take the blame when things go wrong and take all of the credit when someone else carries out the orders that they received and then told us later on during the blaha blaha whatever. I want an actual Elephant as President their skin is thicker and more resistant to criticism and they blow better.

  • No, he shouldn't have been elected in the first place.

    He will say he inherited a mess. That is true, however he made it much worse, he hasn't turned the economy around and he has gotten us into more wars. I'm not saying McCain or Romney would do any significantly better but Obama is a failure.

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