Should Barack Obama keep his own trusty BlackBerry as he assumes his responsibilities as President?

  • Barack Obama should keep his own trusty BlackBerry as he assumes his responsibilities as President.

    Barack Obama should keep his own trusty Blackberry as he assumes his responsibilities as President. He should be allowed to keep his own phone and use whatever services he wants to. I am sure there are many advantages and perks to being the President of the United States. If he assumes that role, then he should be entitled to enjoy any piece of technology just like the rest of us.

  • I think he should keep his trusty Blackberry as he assumes responsibilities as a President because this is a tech savvy era.

    I think he should keep his trusty Blackberry as he assumes responsibilities as a President because this is a tech savvy era. Blackberries and other smart phones are effective ways to stay on top of issues and emergencies. If the president is using top of the line technology, it shows he is willing to adapt to changes.

    Posted by: SecondNoel50
  • For personal communications and the like, I see no reason why he shouldn't keep his Blackberry.

    I suppose there is an issue of security here because, if the Blackberry is lost or stolen, some sensitive communications might be made public. However, while the vast majority of the President's communications are (and perhaps should) conducted in the public view, I see no reason why he should not be able to keep his Blackberry for personal use.

    Posted by: UpbeatLaverne55
  • Yes Barack Obama should be able to keep his Blackberry as he assumes his presidency.

    We are now a tech savvy nation. What is new today will be old tomorrow. How quickly we can change models. Anyways it would be okay for the president to keep his Blackberry, it shows he is a man of the times and willing to adapt to new technology. The Blackberry will obviously have to be virus protected for obvious reasons.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Yes, because even the highest public office should not preclude an individual from communicating with others independently.

    Public officials, even the President who holds the highest public office, should have the same individual rights and freedoms as the rest of U.S. citizens. All free U.S. citizens (this does not include those currently incarcerated) are permitted to have smart phones, personal computers, and other communication devices. President Obama, then, since he should have the same rights as all other citizens, is perfectly within his rights if he keeps a BlackBerry device.

    Posted by: A Paul
  • Yes, because he's a person with friends and family, so he should be able to communicate with them in his own private way.

    By being President, he has to be many places at odd hours. A way he can communicate with those he loves in a way they know, eases the stress of the job. He can ask for protection of his number, and security of his communications through the Secret Service. Given those factors, the benefits outweigh any risks.

    Posted by: RaymoCanyons
  • He should not be able to use his BlackBerry because it could pose a security risk.

    If the President's Blackberry was hacked that would lead to a security breach on a huge scale. He should have a phone that would be guaranteed to be safe against being hacked. Many celebrities have had their Blackberry's hacked and America cannot afford to have it's security compromised by a breach.

    Posted by: StevyDemon
  • President Obama should be able to continue using his Blackberry, it might help keep him in touch with technology.

    Just because someone holds public office, doesn't mean he or she should give up things that are part of their normal routine. The President is very well protected and I don't think that using a Blackberry puts him in any danger or is a distraction from running the country. The world is an ever evolving place and it's important that the President stays up to date with new technologies and the nation he is leading.

    Posted by: R0d30Karl
  • A President should have as many forms of communication (including electronic) as possible.

    As President of the United States, I feel that Barack Obama should be equipped with as much communication tools and vehicles as possible, including his blackberry- with the stipulation that it have strict and exclusive built in security systems in place, and be used only for family and official business United States business purposes.

    Posted by: Quibarce
  • Yes, as long as there's nothing that would threaten national security should he lose it.

    I think President Obama should be allowed to keep his Blackberry while he's in office. He just should be cautious as to the information contained therein if it were to ever get lost or stolen. As long as there is no overly sensitive material on there that could be harmful to the public, he should be allowed to keep it. His personal information, reminders, etc., him having that device, just shows that he is current and kind of like the rest of us.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • No, he needs to accept the job-issued phone, so records can be kept.

    No, he should not. He wanted a public job, so he should have to adhere to the rules of that job. He should have to use the job-issued phone, as a record should be kept of everything he does or says. It could be made public, so we will know what he is doing.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • The President's security is vital for the country's welfare.

    The President's phone can be an attack vector for terrorism. Keeping a personal cell phone could become a hazard for the country and could make things turn chaotic if the worst happens. If the President has a special way to communicate on his phone then that is fine for him to do.

    Posted by: PaltryLyndon99
  • Barack Obama should not keep his own trusty BlackBerry as he assumes his responsibilities as President, because this would serve as a potential major security risk.

    President Obama would likely utilize his BlackBerry for many different purposes, including communicating with military and political leaders. Computer hackers are getting better and more efficient in gaining access to even the most secure computer networks. One could even possibly gain access to classified government secrets that are vital for the maintenance of America's security.

    Posted by: DarkRon76
  • President Obama shouldn't use anything that has not been 100% vetted by his tech aides, because any security breakdown with a president would obviously risk calamity.

    There is no way a sitting President should use items he used before he took Presidential office. The benefit is just not worth the risk. I am sure he will be provided with eminently secure lines of communication as president. So, anything he had before clearly needs to go by the wayside.

    Posted by: tabundes
  • He's lost his privacy.

    His position does not allow for any privacy at all. He should have known this when he signed up for the job. He may dislike it, but the safety and security of the United States goes above his personal rights. All of his correspondence, etc. is open for full viewing.

    Posted by: R34d3Homey

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