Should Barack Obama stay in office, continuing his damage (Yes), or shall he be impeached before the end of term (No)?

Asked by: Frankiepies
  • Barack Obama is not a terrible president.

    What has he done wrong? He has been a rather moderate president in rather difficult economic and international times. He came into office with a massive deficit and reduced it somewhat, with a massive recession and mostly turned it around, with two stalling wars and international anger and helped to reduce the same, with a nonmodern healthcare system and helped modernize it somewhat.

    Besides, what has he done that breaks the rules of being a president, which is what is required for being impeached?

  • Has anyone on the "no" side given any solid evidence?

    I'm sorry but this is really frankly hilarious. Obama should be impeached because he does "mean things to people?" Have you backed up your point at all with solid evidence? No. Because you don't have any, because Obama has helped the country, not damaged it. By reducing unemployment, killing Bin Laden, and instating a health care policy that can help so many people get the coverage that they need? Yes, this deeffinnittelly qualifies Obama as a bad person. And I'm not sure saying that the only reason he got elected is because he is black is a good point. Maybe it's because he went to Harvard and got a good education, or because he has solid ideas for improving this country? Before deciding to debate for your side, maybe you should find some discernible evidence so I don't feel like I'm arguing against a 5 year old.

  • Impeachment? Are you insane?

    The President has not been convicted of a high crime. Period. It is ridiculous to say that he has done anything worthy of impeachment and it is high time that right-wing conservatives stop using their hatred and disdain for the President to call for his impeachment. He hasn't broken any laws.

  • I'm sensing some anger

    It seems that the majority of "No" arguments are simply "I disagree with him, thus he must be impeached". Not only is this a terrible argument, but it is destructive to the debate as a whole. To be impeached, a president must be proven to have broken the law. So far, that hasn't happened. We may not all agree with a president's policies, but that doesn't mean we should vote to impeach him.

    Posted by: Pax
  • Buncha idiots who need to learn what they're talking about >>>>

    You say he isn't a good political leader because you don't agree with the decisions he makes, and all you see is the negative consequences of the whole ordeal. All you want to focus on is the bad things that happen because you are obviously PARTIAL, as everyone else is that had voted that President Obama should be impeached.
    First off, learn what impeachment is! Or you could just read the argument on the left side of this "Yes or No" debate.
    Secondly, what other president in the history of the United States HASN'T made 'countless' promises that they haven't fulfilled? Even President Kennedy, one of the best presidents we've ever had (unless of course you wanted him impeached also), made PLENTY of promises that even his advisers would tell you he wasn't going to deal with.
    Believe me, I am totally for JFK, and I do believe he was an exceptional president who put a lot of contribution into this AWESOME country. I don't always agree with what President Obama says or does either! But I certainly do see how someone in their right mind would want to impeach a president who for one, brought us out of a RECESSION, and SPLIT THE GROWTH RATE YEAR OVER YEAR (of our national debt) IN HALF, after Bush brought us to a decade high of 15.9% growth in 2007! In 2011 President Barack Obama brought that to a 7.8% and only increased a mere 0.8% in that next year. So don't try to tell me or anyone else about NATIONAL DEBT.

  • None of you know what impeachment is.

    Impeachment is only for "high crimes and misdemeanors," meaning Pres. Obama would have to have committed an ACTUAL CRIME, not simply pursued policies that you disagree with. It literally does not matter whether or not you personally support Pres. Obama; impeachment is something far beyond the scope of simple opinion. In fact, should the House vote to impeach, they themselves would be impinging the Constitution by not following the correct circumstances necessary for impeachment, notwithstanding that the Senate would never confirm.

  • Below is what i have to say about this great "President".

    Now, we ("We" as in the conservatives, and the GOOD, non-corrupt republicans) know all of the undesirable policies, legalizing undesirable (Note i keep saying "undesirable") laws, etc. that our grand ol' president Barack has been shoving down everyone's throat, while the blissfully ignorant "citizens" of our great country who either do not care about the goings on of our government, or the lazy good-for-nothing lazing denizens who just want to sit around gulping down free checks every so often. I say we should do something about this, it is not too late for a revolution that could drastically change America for the good. The president only has until late 2016, though he could and WILL do a LOT more damage to our nation between now and then. We must act NOW!

  • If only the Speaker would grow a pair...

    It's about time that this lawless administration and all of its cohorts are brought to justice and booted out. Obama can go fundamentally transform some where else. There's only one USA so let's take her back and keep her free from these leftist radicals that hurt this nation for far too long.

  • Julian McPhail Agrees.

    The president has not been good to the country, he should be impeached because he is not a very good man. Barack has done mean things to people. This is why he should be impeaced . This is the reason whey i think he should do that impeach thing that i taked abot eariler. This makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!1

  • Should've been impeached long ago

    Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, IRS Tea-Party Scandal, spying on the German Chancellor. Need I go on? He has broken the law and abused his powers more so than any other president in the history of the United States. In my opinion, he should've been impeached long ago. Thankfully we won't need to worry about him for much longer.

  • I believe Obama should stay in office.

    Obama hasn't done anything wrong. He has done the same things that former presidents have done: his job. He has had a plan from the beginning and even though some things haven't gone his way, he has still done what he can. He has started a health-care policy. Worked his way around wars and other problems. Why should he be put out of office ?

  • Uhhhh. Yeah. Right.

    He never should never have been elected, in the first place. When he first ran for office, we didn't really know anything about him. He rode his way into office because most blacks voted for him, just because he was black. He also took advantage of white guilt. Granted. The Republicans didn't help things either. Not many real conservatives in that party anymore. But, more than anything else, he won because of low information voters, who only think about what their government can do for them. We can thank our public schools for that, btw.

  • Who with a right mind would say yes to this question?

    Obama has made countless promises to us that he has not fulfilled. He has done NOTHING to help the country whatsoever, and to keep him in office would be a shame. (Not that having him in second term already isnt.) People need to get it over their heads and take a look at what he is doing. Look how much debt we are currently in! He raised it by trillions! Spend spend spend. That's Obamas way of doing it. Spend and everything will be okay! If we give all of our money, we are helping the nation! WRONG. Obama has no clue what he is doing. He is not fit for president. I was pretty shocked seeing that he got accepted for a second term. What is wrong with the American citizens? Could you not see that he already screwed up first term? It's silly for anybody to say that this person is helping us in any way. Not a good political leader.

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myles.c12 says2014-05-27T07:26:32.360
So I either have to say that I think he should "continue doing damaging" or "be impeached"? So we are assuming the president is "doing damage" and will continue to do damage if we live him in office. Loaded question much?
myles.c12 says2014-05-27T07:36:23.540
And a pic of the president looking at a banana? Really?