• Barbies should be banned.

    Barbies should be banned. They create unrealistic expectations for girls, and they start this at a very young age. If Barbies did not exist any more, then other dolls that actually look like real people could dominate the toy market and give young girls and some boys realistic ideas of what people look like.

  • Yes, Barbies should either be banned or changed.

    Studies indicate that girls who play with Barbies have lower self esteem, want to diet, and do not like their bodies as much as girls who do not play with Barbies. Barbies are harmful on the female psyche and should either be banned or changed to look like actual women.

  • Barbies are forming ideas in young children's minds that is what they should look like.

    From a young age, Children are learning about themselves, About the world. When they see this doll, They want it, Why? Because they want to be like them, They are pretty. But what they don't know, It's unrealistic. And when they look at the doll, They get self-conscious about their looks. They believe looks is all that matters. Some people say it's just a doll, But it's something that's meaningful, Everyone had a toy they loved as a child, And it has some influence on you. If someone else had a toy like yours, You would automatically connect with them and be friends especially as a young child. You would grow up with these friends and if it was a pretty doll. It can affect how you think about appearances and sad if you don't look like these dolls.

  • Batty boi ting

    Vans outside. HiDe Ya KiDs. I will take you and your child if you buy them dolls. Ask charlie i took him and his little cousin malcolm. Malcolm was a good lad but he played minecraft and played with dolls. Remember. . . HiDe SoMeWhErE sAfE. . . LITTLE JIMMY. HA GA GA GA

  • Ban the barbies

    I AM AN experienced barbie doll player and I know how this goes but it would be a bit silly not to ban the barbies. My daughter know whats to be a princess so I slap her and told her she needs to be a doctor and get GCSE. Thanks

  • Yes i think barbies should be banned

    Little girls just have a low self esteem and dont feel good about themself they want to be skinny like barbie because they think there fat or want to be perfect like her when nobody is perfect they want to live just they way barbie does but that doesnt teach them any important lessons in life.

  • Barbie's should be made different.

    I think we should just change the look. Keep the inspirational, strong, independent women but make the look more realistic. I think its time to "out with the old and in with the new". I do believe girls think that they haved to change to fight in with society but doesn't everyone?

  • Yes we should ban them.

    They're are stereotypical and have been degrading women for nearly over half a century now. They indoctrinate little girls minds in to thinking anything less than "perfect" is frowned upon in the western society. I personally feel that this community and society has evolved over the decades and barbie dolls should be abolished as they are toys of the past.

  • Look at this

    Why barbies should be band

    Did you know that girls introduced to Barbie are most likely to think down upon there
    body shape and there life than children who don't get Barbies!
    Parents teachers and students I'm shore at one point some one has played with
    Mattel's barbie girl no matter what age you are well I'm sorry to say that have to go! There is so many reasons why that should be band.

    To start off, I had barbies and just to prove my point I hate my size! I'm self conches and I think I'm to fat. I am a perfect person my size and my Weight is perfect for my frame but I still think that because of barbies no a fence to Mattel. And this is a Mom worried about her child and she wrights:
    Several weeks ago her daughter Boogie who was 5 had a Barbie doll eaten by one of there dogs. Normally this would lead to a meltdown of epic proportions. This time, however, she shrugged nonchalantly and said, “She’s just the Black one.” Keeping her voice calm while freaking out then she asked her if that made the Barbie less important. She said yes? Black children, especially girls, need to be told that they are important. It isn’t something they just assume that never think any thing like that. The racial hatred but not knowing you hate that colour is one thing but listen to this.
    Her little brother is African American. He is very dark. So then she asked if she thought he was less important than a white boy. She said yes again.
    There is an example of why barbies are an influence of racial difference but there the same as us and she was 5! 5!!!!!

  • Not banned, just changed.

    They don't have be to be banned complety, but they should be changed. Lets be honest..Those babies dont look like real women...Not applying as much makeup...Representing the women body as it actually is...Give little girls more realistic views..Hope that they would make that change one day.Girl 👧 woudlnr have such fake views

  • Lighten up about Barbie.

    Barbies are now being made to look like human beings. So lets all lighten up about barbie! And moms, don't "DRESS UP" (you know what I mean) and then go out when your child is holding a bikini Barbie in his/her hand. YOU'RE the bad influences. Not poor, sweet, innocent Barbie.

  • Barbie is not the issue

    Its not Barbie that is the issue here. To a young child it is merely seen as a toy or something to share with your friend. A toy doesn't influence a child at that age. However other factors affect children much more such as older peers that point out the child's physic , television they watch such as a fashion shows and role models set by their parents and celebrities . A child doesn't look up to a toy, they look up to real people such as their parents and friends and get their ideas from them.

  • Barbie is not the issue

    Its not Barbie that is the issue here. To a young child it is merely seen as a toy or something to share with your friend. A toy doesn't influence a child at that age. However other factors affect children much more such as older peers that point out the child's physic , television they watch such as a fashion shows and role models set by their parents and celebrities . A child doesn't look up to a toy, they look up to real people such as their parents and friends and get their ideas from them.

  • Yes they should keep all Barbie dolls

    I think we need all Barbie all over the world because it is all memories to children and they also can be really fun and they will have creativity once they start playing and acting with the amazing cute fun Barbie girls or dolls.I also think Barbie and ken should be together, which they are a couple right now. I love them t be together.

  • It's not the fact that Barbies are beautiful that makes girls feel insecure.

    When you state that Barbies are pretty and makes young women feel like trash, you're doing more damage than the barbie could ever do. You make is seem like Barbie is purposely trying to make people feel bad, when in reality it's just there as a form of entertainment. Girls would rather have fun when they're young than to think about what their future is going to be like. I will tell you this, at one point in every young girl's life, they've had a Barbie doll. Every one of them has. There are two types of girls out there; the carefree girls who care more about life than looks, and the dolls that care more about looks than life. Some girls will be naturally insecure, and you have to remind them time and time again that they're beautiful no matter what. Some girls feel great about themselves and only want to live their lives to the fullest, without one concern of their appearance. And both types of girls have had barbies growing up. So what makes them different? It's people like you, who make beauty seem unattainable. It's cosmetics and commercials and the standards that society has set through these things. They'll never make a barbie without hair because our society has deemed that girls who are bald aren't pretty. That doesn't mean that the little girl in the hospital battling for her life with cancer thinks she is ugly simply because a Barbie has hair and she doesn't. It's how you raise your kids, and how society treats them. AND with the Saudi Arabia case stated on the yes side, I would like to point out that Barbies are banned because it would ENCOURAGE WOMEN TO THINK. "If a Barbie is allowed to wear a tank top and shorts, how come we aren't?" they'll think. And before long women will have their rights there if it isn't stopped that way. You see what I mean? Barbie can really make people think for themselves. Barbies are just dolls, and girls are allowed to form their own opinions on these things. Do you really want to ruin the intellectual integrity of your daughters by telling them they can't think for themselves? That's why society is going down. That's why we have these standards. Because no one is willing to think for themselves. They would rather follow the standards that are set in society already. That's why girls don't believe they are beautiful.

  • Barbies aren't harmful

    . Parents blame Barbie because she is thin and perfect. Children’s views about their bad body image can also be brought on by the public and social media. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all photo sharing apps. Teens may feel intimidated by other people they have on these sites as they may be prettier, have a nice figure or more popular. This “wanting to be thinner” comment can root from seeing models in shops or seeing people in school that are maybe taller or skinnier and prettier. Barbie is just a dream doll and children don’t usually think that they want to become her later in life as they are too young.

  • I have played with Barbies my entire life, and I have never wanted to live up to look like her.

    I have played with Barbies ever since I was about three. I had tons of stuff, and played with all my friends (except for one). We never wanted to look like her or grow up and look like her. Sure, we thought she was really pretty, but we always knew she was fake, and just made of plastic. Barbie is just a doll, a very pretty doll, but just a plastic doll. They were a part of my child hood, and I always will treasure them. Just because people are not as stunning as dolls doesn't mean they should be banned. Girls deserve a fashionable doll that they dress up with tons of clothes and accessories.

  • Barbie didn't cause Body Issues...

    Barbie didn't cause Body Issues. When I was young like that, I saw it as what it was - a piece of plastic. I didn't see it as something I had to strive for because I knew the difference between reality and fantasy. Body Issues normally start at puberty, so when your teenage girl you sees this girl at school who may be skinnier/curvier, that's what causes body issues. It's not this piece of cheap plastic.

  • Barbies are JUST DOLLS not real humans

    Barbies are dolls, not people. Children don't really want to 'be like a doll' because they're not real people. However, models are actual people and they are quite skinny and things like that. I think that models are more harmful because children can see that yes there are real life people that can be stick skinny and have beautiful blonde hair, but a barbie isn't a real person so children will probably not think that.

  • Chill. It's a doll.

    It's a doll that creates memories, not a killing machine.
    I don't understand the purpose in banning barbies.
    Yes, girls do have self esteem problems, but is banning a doll going to ex out low self esteem? No, it's not. Self esteem will still be around.
    Let little girls live there life having fun with Barbie.

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