• I think that an advanced country must look after his citizens

    I believe that many advanced countries have a national health service for providing free medical care to their citizens. Although it is true that it could be very expensive to maintein, they can find the way through taxes to keep the system. You can´t neglect your citizens when they are ill and they can´t afford to pay health care.

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  • Universal health care exists in every other industrialized country.

    And health care can be a necessity for survival, where everyone who needs it should be able to get it. It would be nice for all people to be able to get health care services without worrying about the cost of anything. The problem, though, with a single-payer health care system here would be the extremely high cost to the government, considering the existing government debt and the expensiveness of health care. Somehow bring prices down to help whoever pays for health care. I would recommend at least partially subsidizing everyone who needs assistance, through Medicaid. Some people would afford to pay part of their health care costs.

  • Everyone deserves to have healthcare

    Yes, I believe that basic medical health care, at the minimum, should be given to citizens for free. It has been practice in other countries such as Canada for a long period of time. Health care should not be limited to those that can afford it. Free basic health care will, in the long run, a better option for the government because money is saved when health issues are caught before they become an issue.

  • Basic medical healthcare should be given to all citizens for free.

    Basic medical health care should be given to all citizens for free. The more that we can do for our citizens to remain healthy then we have an obligation to make sure that happens. I think that medical care was getting way too expensive for anybody to be able to afford.

  • Raises Taxes A Little And Do This

    I would have preferred the government make a universal health care act more like this, then the one that they did. This would have allowed the government to price control a large chunk of medical services in the United States, especially those services most needed by the poorer populations. Then insurance companions could have still sold extension packages and add ons, more than likely at lower prices, which would implement a private sector price control at the same time. It would have helped bring down cost, while at the same time giving everyone a bare minimum, because in the end medical care is, since its inception, has been a basic freedom.

  • Yes basic medical health care should be given for free.

    Yes basic medical health care should be given to all citizens for free as they are the ones working and taking care of the smaller stuff in the country that most people would not do. By giving them free health care you can insure that all your citizens are healthy and happy workers that can keep the country progressing in the right direction.

  • Yes it should.

    Other advanced countries such as Canada and France have great free healthcare. I don't care how high the tax is, it is very much needed. The medical industry is a huge money making machine and their prices are too high. The insurance companies are in on it to. It is only human to let people get access to the medicines and treatment they need.

  • Medical care should not be free.

    I think this because people could overuse drugs and maybe get addicted.Also if you overuse drugs germs will adapt and get stronger.The state will have to pay a lot of money to buy medicine and put us at a economic disadvantage.It's more important to have money to buy medicine then have no money at all.

  • Basic medical healthcare should not be given to all citizens for free.

    It is not realistic for the government to provide free health care to all its citizens. Even countries that have universal health care cannot grant it for free, because they heavily tax their citizens to pay for it. It is better for people to pay for their own health care.

  • No. I do not believe basic medical healthcare should be given to all citizens for free.

    No. I do not believe basic medical health care should be given to all citizens for free, because of the economical affects it would have on the country. America already has so much debt, and a limitless number of welfare program. This policy would only serve to compound that problem.

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