Should Battered Women's Syndrome be treated in courts as an actual Scientific Diagnosis?

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  • There is already terms that cover Battered Women's Syndrome.

    PTSD would already cover Battered Women's Syndrome. The dsm-iv used by psychologists to classify mental disorders doesn't have a distinct section for it, so it would be hard to use it in a courtroom setting as an actual diagnosis. It can be used as evidence, but not as an actual diagnosis.

  • Battered Women's Syndrome Is a Psychological Condition.

    Battered women's syndrome should be treated in the courts as a psychological diagnosis. Psychology is a soft science, as mental conditions cannot always be proven biologically or physically, but other psychological diagnoses, from "depression" to "insanity," are commonly accepted in court. Battered women's syndrome is comprised of a specific set of emotional symptoms and behaviors relating to having been abused. It is a psychological syndrome like any other.

  • Place Battered Women's Syndrome in Context

    Without the jury being able to understand the reasoning and causes behind battered women's syndrome it would not be adequate to be recognized in courts as a scientific diagnosis. In order to understand the real basis, context of the situation that is related to the court dispute is needed. If this is so, then it is acceptable to treat it as a scientific diagnosis in a court.

  • Yes, it's well documented.

    Being routinely abused by a "loved one" erodes at a woman's self esteem and reason. If you abuse someone long enough and badly enough, eventually, they're going to snap. Battered women's syndrome is something that is inflicted on victims of abuse. It should absolutely be a viable defense should the victim finally defend herself.

  • The Deception:Why BWS is not reliable or real.

    BWS is simply an excuse for homicide commited by women that was idealized in the 1970's.Women who kill should be treated by the courts with the existing laws that have served us well for so long. BWS testimony lacks a scientific, or even a reliable technical basis, and women advocates realize that this testimony is inimical to their cause, the battered woman syndrome should begin to fall into disuse.

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