Should Bayonetta be the last downloadable character in Super Smash Brothers?

  • Director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Bayonetta will be the last downloadable character

    The Nintendo community voted worldwide that Bayonetta should be added to Super Smash Brothers. She is the most popular character.There are two costume options: a Bayonetta 2 with short hair, and a Bayonetta 1 with long hair. While she may be the last, it looks like there is room for negotiation of her in-game appearance. She has her own unique moves and abilities. In addition, Fire Emblem Fates will join the Smash Brothers roster next year with Corrin joining Bayonetta as two playable characters.

  • We need more

    Imagine Scorpion fighting Mario, that would be fricking awesome because it will be so badass that you want to see it again and again.Mario's head on a pike is every disturbing gamer's dream and slippy toad's head also on a pike.We need this to make us whole again,so please Nintendo get Scorpion or any other cliche fighter.

  • More Characters Please

    The company of Nindento as a whole is so creative that there should be more creation of more new characters for their super smash brothers games. Why not since they have the opportunity? Make as many characters as they can and make more levels for people to unlock those characters. People love stuff like that!

  • Keep creating until people stop buying

    One would assume the reason that the super smash brothers team stopped creating characters for super smash brothers 4, is to leave room for an eventual super smash brothers 5. That is to say, if they made 4 too robust in terms of characters and content, 5 could never live up to that at launch without a massive investment, and it would therefore hurt sales. However, continuing to support smash 4 would also generate income, and after a sufficient number of characters sold the profit could rival that of an additional smash game without nearly as much time or manpower invested. Additionally, in the next console generation presumably graphical improvements in conjunction with control/VR advancement would make the 5th installment as desirable as the fourth, thus negating any reason to cease development of DLC for smash 4, until such a time as the community no longer purchases the content being developed.

  • More Downloadable Content Please

    I do not think Bayonetta should be the last downloadable character in Super Smash Brothers. I think for the game to maintain its popularity it should continue to add characters as downloadable content. Having one final character available would hurt the franchise. "The more the merrier," the old saying goes.

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