Should be businesses be entitled to dump high-maintenance consumers who constantly hector them with capricious customer-service demands?

  • Customers think they are entitled to everything

    High-maintenance clients are not worth it! Fussy customers that think they are entitled to everything are dreadful! I've worked in both food service and fashion retail. These customers slow down our production and efficiency. I don't think it is worth their sale. They often get free things or discounts because we are unable to keep up with their outrageous demands. They are the types of people that also have bad attitudes and are rude. These kind of people make me resent my job and community.
    Whether you like them or not, it is a free country and business have the RIGHT to turn away ANYONE.

  • A Thousand Times YES!

    I have worked in customer service my whole life -- the scenery has changed but there are always those handful of people you see walking in the door that trigger a fight or flight response. The "problem" customer that always has complaint, is impatient, rude, and impossible to please. The ones that have special notes on their files.. Sometimes I wonder why they keep coming back if the service is just so awful then I realize it's because they get stuff for free, get jumped in front of other people-- the rules dont apply to them. Telling you to never come back would be the best thing thats ever happened to us.

  • Businesses are not required to do business with everyone, and they have the right to choose their relationships.

    There should not be a law requiring businesses to do business with everyone. If a particular customer is too demanding and pushy, and actually costs them time and money, overall, a business should be allowed to cut them off and send them on their way. Businesses are unlikely to do so, out of fear of bad press and publicity, so there is already encouragement in place for them to treat their customers right.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I think it's a free country and that businesses have the right to limit unfair demands.

    Sometimes, customers become unfairly demanding and I think it's only sane to limit this. As long as no contracts are being broken, and as long as the business management is certain that service has been properly provided, I think it's acceptable to dump the excessively demanding customer. When a customer wastes a lot of company time, other customers can suffer.

    Posted by: ToothsomeLucio
  • Businesses should be able to dump high-maintenance customers simply because no business should be forced to deal with anybody.

    A business should be able to get rid of customers who bother them with too many demands. Every diner in America has a sign somewhere that says, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." That should be applicable to any business; no one should be forced to do business with anyone, period. There are crazy people in the world that will take up all your time with nonsense if you let them; no one should have to let them.

    Posted by: tagapps
  • I believe the customer is not always right and you should be able to refuse to deal with disagreeable customers.

    In some situations it is best to stick to the mantra "the customer is always right". If you have a customer that is being disagreeable and is causing more financial loss to your business than gain then you should be able to stop dealing with them. It is not fair for you to have to work with someone that is essentially hurting you.

    Posted by: 54nShaI
  • Yes, because businesses are private enterprises that can do whatever they want, within the law.

    There is no law that says that you have to serve a customer that is bothersome and not really worth the trouble that they are causing you. Since a business operates the same way that a person should, and a person has every right in the book to not be friends with someone that annoys them, so does a business has the same right.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • I believe businesses have the right to dump high-maintenance consumers.

    All business have the right to refuse service to any one, in the
    USA, if the consumer doesn't like it there are other companies to do business with.

    Posted by: TickoMain
  • Yes, because if a customer demand is higher then that allowed for in their contract, then they should be able to void the contract.

    There needs to be limitations set in contracts, and they should be allowed to be voided when such terms are breached. While people should be allowed to ask questions or raise concerns, when those complaints and concerns reach the capacity that the business can no longer operate for it's other clients, then it is no longer productive for them to continue to work with this client, unless the client agrees to pay a fee for the additional services they're demanding. There should however be a policy in place, informing the client/consumer that their demands are becoming excessive, and that higher fees will be assessed to them to cover the rising cost of their demands, or their services will be discontinued.

    Posted by: C0nrKentros
  • Businesses should be allowed to refuse service to customers who are disruptive with their demands.

    The prevailing attitude of "the customer is always right" has hurt businesses in the long run by allowing disruptive customers to waste company time and money with their unreasonable demands. Showing that this behavior is not acceptable would demonstrate to other customers the proper decorum when dealing with a company. Regardless of whether one is paying for a service or not, manners and basic respect should still be observed.

    Posted by: CheyanneT
  • Dumping customers, regardless of their behaviors, seems counterproductive.

    While I understand that there can be some annoying customers out there, I think capitalism will fail if the basic principal of "the customer is always right" is ditched. However, I am sure there are instances when contractors have to disengage with a customer, due to issues with contracts. Consumers have high expectations and businesses should have them, too.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Whether or not a business has the right to "dump" a high-maintenance client depends often on the type of industry that one is in, but in most cases I oppose the dumping of customers.

    There are some occupations which do not allow client dumping. One being that of a mental health therapist, a physician, a psychiatrist, a hospital, and perhaps even an attorney. In these professions, there are protocols which must be followed and there must be an attempt to refer the client elsewhere before one can close the case file. One can transfer or transition the client in these cases but cannot just drop or dump them as to do so could result in a fatality from suicide, the abrupt withdrawal of medications or the inability to find legal help to continue a case and to prevent jail time, etc.

    Posted by: SportyHart

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