Should be suppressors in EU legal so civilians in case of defense don't get hearing damage since there is no time to put protection on?

  • Guns are good

    Which is better, Protecting yourself from others harm, Or letting the harm get to you, And potentially killing you. I tend to think that the guns should be allowed, And if they are illegal, What do you think is going to stop someone from selling guns illegally like we see with drugs worldwide

  • Suppressors should be legal in EU

    As I said in question there is no time to put ear pro on and suppressors suppress gun for 30-60 Db. Glock 17 without suppressor: 158 Db With Suppressor: 108 Db
    Hearing damage occurs at 140 Db so suppressors are hearing safe.
    I think that they should be taxed like in US but still legal.

  • We don't need that privilege

    Makes it easy for criminals to get away with murder, A silencer is supposed to be for thw military going after the enemy in stealht mode that's special necessity. We as civilians are living our normal life, If the case has escalated to the point we need to use a weapon we don't have the time to put on our ear plugs find our gone and then go after. Your adrenaline reaction will be protect your family

  • Not good idea

    Use flash hider instead suppressor for newbs. If you use suppressors thanos will come into your house and use the infinity stones to take your v-bucks so you can't buy any swag dances like hype of orange justice and he will curse you r skull trooper skin and u die

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