Should beaches in the United States allow little girls to be shirtless like European beaches?

Asked by: Rendersen22
  • There is nothing wrong with it.

    Other than not having breasts yet, It shows that girls should not be different than boys. Also, Girls do not have to complain being too hot while wearing a tankini or a shirt. It shows a very good sign of gender equality. If Europe can do it, Why not the United States?

  • Normalization of nudity regardless of age and gender

    If we start accepting nudity as normal then the whole thing may start loosing it's sexual appeal, Maybe in the future decades personality will be sexy not body parts. But because of our animal nature and even culturally we are obsessed with flesh. Let them stare with disbelief as you and your children feel comfortable being naked on the beach not being ashamed of your body and it's natural parts. Inheriting your children a toxic mentality, That it is immoral to be naked. I thing the first step toward the normalization of nudity is to get rid of the tankini or shirt at the beach regardless of the age. Removing this social taboo is very important for equality reasons and promotes freedom of self expression. If you feel uncomfortable it's your problem and it reveals how deep the social norms (set by other but heuristically thinking it's a personal belief) affect you. And if you are a freak your sick thoughts are non of our business.

  • Why be different?

    To sum up I don't see why the USA should be any different to the Europeans? Of course there are some legitimate arguments but they apply all over the world. . . . Not just in the USA.
    Also why does this apply to girls and not boys? Surely if you don't think children should ever be naked in public it should apply to both genders?

  • Yes they should

    I think that beaches in the United States should allow little girls to be shirtless like European beaches ok because there is nothing wrong with being shirtless ok and yes I think that beaches in the United States should allow little girls to be shirtless like European beaches ok ok bye bye

  • I don't want to see naked kids.

    Why would anyone even want this? Little girls should cover their breasts just like grown women should cover their breasts. Pretending males and females are the same, When they clearly are not, Is not at all a sign of equality. Equal does not mean the same, Men and women are obviously very different. Pretending otherwise can only hurt the cause of equality. You shouldn't expect girls to act like boys because they are not boys. Equality is not about trying to make men and women (in this case) be the same, It's about treating them as equals regardless of their differences. Different but equal, It's a pretty simple concept.

    I've never been a little girl but from my view they're being sent the message of "women should take their clothes off" plenty enough already. Topless little girls will in no way help anything or anyone, Except pedophiles.

  • It is very inappropriate

    Little girls may have already developed breasts, And if they have, Adult men could rape the child! So I think that it should not ever be allowed for little girls not to wear t-shirts or a rashey to the beach. I know that I do not want my girls to be raped!

  • No in public.

    It gives the wrong message. Clearly associating young girls with being topless implies a sexual nature that should be shunned. No idea why someone would subject their daughter into an exhibitionist society unless your trying to don't care about values.
    No matter what the deniers may say, Males and females ARE different. I am all for equality but this would be trying to hide your daughters gender. Should we really be telling girls that being female is something to be ashamed of? This may also have a psychological effect. It seams, The more we treat little boys and girls the same, The more likely they will be confused over what gender they are. Guess some people don't like the idea of having grand-kids that are related to them.

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