Should beauty pageants be allowed to continue?

Asked by: Suji
  • Some people like being pretty and competing against other pretty people.

    Hey, if someone likes to compete against others in terms of their looks, they should be 100% allowed to. I can understand how some people may not entirely get why someone would want to do that, though. A lot of people like a lot of different stuff that's weird as heck, but it's their interest nonetheless. So, if someone likes competing in pageants, they should be completely allowed to. Some may even feel empowered by competing! Who'd have thought.

  • Disallowing beauty pageants is a violation of the First Amendment

    End of argument. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are allowed to express themselves, although their words are entirely hateful. Anyone and everyone has the freedom to choose what they want to do within legal realms. Banning beauty pageants would be a sad attempt in the name of political correctness. Would we ban tomatoes from being consumed because some people don't like them? Our nation is becoming so overly sensitive.

  • Of course- people enjoy it!

    Why should they be banned? This is like saying dancing and gymnastic competitions should be banned.
    Beauty pageants are put on for entertainment and fun. Women join these pageants because they WANT TO, not forced or pressured! Most feminists will argue that it degrades women - but i am a feminist and I am not against them due to my knowing that these women WANT TO be there, want to flaunt their bodies and have FUN.
    This is what these beauty pageants are about! HAVING FUN! Bothe the audience and the contestants. It is a hobby just like other activities and competitions. The women go in there accepting the chance of failure and accepting that some people will judge them for what they do - this is unavoidable in life.
    A Beauty pageant is not misogyny, sexist or sexually harassing. It is an interest and a form of leisure that many people enjoy taking part in and look forward to greatly.

  • According to most women no, but wait a minute...

    No, they should not be allowed. Not because I like them, but because women in north America speak of sexism and portraying women as objects is so very wrong. But wait a moment, isn't that women in all those pageants in the first place. Willingly entering them. So now I'm confused. Why are women so divided. Calling out against sexism and objectifying but then partaking in it.
    I'd say that is a way bigger problem in America, the hypocrisy.

    Posted by: zoo
  • It is sexist and unintelligent

    Beauty pageants are just a way for women to show off their beauty and talent. They are also pointless, why would anyone want to show their body just as something to gawk at? Also, if women and sometimes young girls are trained for only beauty pageants, it could ruin their social academic life and cause vanity.

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