Should being a human and having your own opinion be illegal.

Asked by: yadayada
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  • No offense but this is a dumb debate topic

    Anyone replying to this would literally be breaching the law if having an opinion was illegal. This is not a good debate topic and there is literally no way to say yes to it without suffering from the consequence the topic at hand gives. Nice try OP but it was a flawed argument topic from the beginning.

  • No be unique

    No matter how wrong we might be, as long as we don't try to force others to believe in our opinions, it should be legal to be an individual. I think no on should control another. In this way, we can use our crazy imagination, and opinions for fun and pleasure in our lifetime.

  • Why should it be illegal?

    If it was illegal, which it shouldn't be, and never will be, that would be incredibly stupid, and a complete and utter travesty. Sometimes, it can be good to have your own opinion. However, it can be a problem sometimes, if your opinion is one that will break the law.

  • No. Having an opinion should not be illegal.

    No. Having an opinion should not be illegal anywhere, and certainly not in the United States. Diverse and carefully thought-out opinions should be encouraged! However, it can be illegal to act on these opinions if they promote murders or harm. We must be also be careful with what we choose to do with these opinions.

  • Why on this small Earth???

    Why have it illegal? Everyone can learn and hear the different views of others' opinions. If being Human is illegal, then there is no point of Earth. Where would we go? The moon would be too small. All other planets excluding Mars can't provide a humans needs. This means either all humans world have to die, or have it legal to be a human. Otherwise, Everybody will be currently illegal-commiting and would have to go to prison where they will can't help but continue to be commiting illegal.

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