• Yes it should

    Fat people eat too much
    they kill our cows
    cows good animals
    so are pigs
    vegan teacher is my mum
    cows and being fat it not allowed
    screw that

    ive run out of things to write
    13 words left
    now 9
    now 7
    now 5
    now 3
    there we go

  • No no no

    I am the 600 fat idiot living in mother's basement spammer, Also known as (6FILIMBS) of debate. Org. I like being fat and spamming on website because its fun and you all get mad and salty and then spam in result of my presence. You guys need to grow up

  • Peter Griffen is fat

    Why would you ever want to get rid of the man who positively can do all the things to make you laugh and cry? He is a family guy and does all the epic funny moments compilation number 69. Shame on you because Peter is epic and you are not. You are tonight's biggest loser and that is an epic bruh moment.

  • Of course f***ing not

    This implies that weight has an inherent relation with health -- which it doesn't. Oftentimes an 'overweight' person is far healthier than an average-slim person and a person's genetics contributes a lot to determining someone's weight. It'd also be straight up unfair to punish people for being fat, Considering the system thrives on the downfall of humanity. Our current system has caused healthy foods to be far more costly and inconvenient than foods loaded with fats and sugar. An example of this is basically every fast-food chain to exist, And cheap brands of food. It's especially difficult to be healthy in the USA where a cheese burger is like quarter the price of a salad.

  • Fat guys can't help it.

    Us fat people can't help being fat, You just get addicted to a certain food and then all of a sudden you are really fat! They should have help lines for fat people where they can get the help they need but just like drug addicts, You can't charge someone for being fat.

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