• I say yes because not only am I gay but people shouldn't change themselves to be your friend

    I say yes because not only am I gay but people shouldn't change themselves to be your friend so your not their friend and they're not your friend if their hanging themselves so if you made some one change not only are you a jerk but other people are going to be against you and I mean thousands if not close to a billion.

  • It should not be allowed because it is not natural for someone to be gay or anything like that

    If a man were to be gay and had a gay husband that is not natural and that men and women should be kept that way and if any one were to be gay or lgbtq they should be taken to a doctor to be helped and walked through on that it is not a good thing and its all in you're head and facts don't care about feelings

  • It would make love illegal.

    Making this illegal is making people obligated to loving a certain person just like in the old days. We can't change who someone loves and as a society we should encourage other peoples differences and embrace it. Making this illegal is saying it is bad or dangerous for a society. IT IS NOT AND WE SHOULD EMBRACE IT!

  • Make it illegal right away

    Away from religion or any other sentiments, Allowing people the leeway for people to be LGBT spells great doom. In no time, Everybody will want to claim to be anything. Be ready to have people wanting to be gun-fuckers.
    Stop yelling that everyone has a fundamental right to be anything. That, In itself, Is insanity.
    Illegalise it NOW!

  • The purpose of marriage

    Here I give my full thoughts, I truly will try not to be harsh

    In this modern age, We are changing fast, Technology, Food medecine etc. . . . . .

    But I don't think all of this is for the better marriage SHOULD BE a bondage between a man and woman, To give life or to raise it, That doesn't mean that they can't do anything fun, But that is the main purpose, And there is a lack of it today through abortion, And gays are making it worse not having the proper "parts" to have children. And I know what your thinking, Well what about adoption, Adoption is good, But raising the child would create a better environment for insest, Pornagraphy and underage sex and this is exactly what parents are afraid of with there children. In this modern society influencing Simone is far to easy and with the internet evolving so that when you act a certain way around a child, They can look it up and see more of it THIS IS VERY BAD-I think gays should be stopped right in there paths

  • Its not right

    In the Bible and other Holy books, It says that homosexuality is not right. If you cannot have biological children while being gay/lesbian etc it shows that it clearly is not right.

    If a kid can give these reasons surely an adult can reason with what I am saying unless you are blind to see that being gay/bisexual/lesbian is wrong.

  • Only the trans gender factor

    You only should get it if you have a health condition you should go trans gender. I you also let you child take hormones there is something wrong with you because they are going to commit suicide. Also it is not discriminatory on what I am saying. Hey hey hey

  • Yes. It should be.

    We gave them tolerance but they back stabbed us, So now we will push back with the truth, With logic and with our faith in God. TBGL are pushing things down our throats and targeting kids, This is going too far. So yes, Lgbt should be banned.
    Also, Liberty, Guns, Bible & Trump 2020!
    Stop tglb indoctrination across the world right now! Fight for heterosexuality!

  • Lgbtq should be illegal

    It is not a natural thing and that gay sex is not good don't you think its not a good thing and "SIMPLE" biology and every thing else about facts would be against it and a men and women should stick to each other and anyone who is lgbtq should be taken to a hospital to be cured

  • This would stop the annoying Pro-LGBT marching people

    Most sensible LGBT members of the community are functioning human beings that does not advocate their sexuality. This is why the LGBT community is stereotyped by those annoying LBGTards that goes down the street every day and yells their opinions to any straight guy. By making LGBT illegal, This would ban 99% of those marches and exterminate all those LBGTards that you see. However, It would have a minimal effect on the actual functioning members of the LGBT community because they aren't advocating for LBGT.

  • LGBT shouldn't be illegal!

    I am bi, And currently dating a guy. We both do feel a love for each other, And to take that away from us would be a nightmare. If it were illegal I would be forced to break up with him. If I had to break up with him I would kill my self, Just because all I can't bear being away from him. It would be pure torture to still see him, But know we can't be together.

  • Retards saying yes

    Wtf is wrong with you backwards rednecks all saying yes.
    Who gives a shit what god made you he doesnt exist you idiot bible-bashers wanking over a thousand year old story lol its like saying star wars is real. Go talk to your magical man in the sky and ask why he lets terrorism and war happen haha

  • No reason to.

    I'm not gay nor do I want any part in their community. Fact is, I really don't care about them either way. As long as they obey the laws and don't try to change laws to fit any agenda they may have, I see no issue in treating them as regular people.
    To clarify, An example of something I would oppose is to allow people who are physically male to enter the ladies room because they "identify" as being female. I would also oppose any law that requires "gender neutral" facilities. Tho I am also atheist, I also support peoples right to refuse services that would go against their religious values.

  • It's okay to be gay

    Being LGBT is perfectly fine. We need a change in the world. In fact, I am an LGBT, Too! So stop calling LGBTs idiots because being LGBT is fine and okay. Everyone is different! I think LGBT should never be made illegal because being LFBT is perfectly fine. And ok.

  • Separation of Church and State

    In the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, We are presented with this quote, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, Or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . . " which states that the separation of Church and State should not cross. The idea of being against LGBT is in and of itself a religious issue.

  • Banning it should be unconstitutional

    Lawmakers should not be allowed to use their religions as a justification for terminating any individual or natural rights, Nor should they be allowed to use their religion to justify taking inherent rights away from others. The separation of church and state is a vital aspect of all nations; no state should be allowed to restrict individual freedoms of its citizens by way of using a religion or creed as a defense of doing so; therefore, Banning a person from being LGBTQ is a violation of one's natural rights and should not be permitted.

  • Gay is good

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  • God made me this way

    A lot of people use religion as a means to state LGBT is wrong. However, I am Christian and bisexual. For all those people saying it is wrong and should be illegal I know that God has a plan for me and my sexuality, Which I am comfortable with and is none of your business, Is apart of that plan.

  • Individual freedoms for all citizens

    In a democratic society that values ​​the individual freedom of its citizens. Everyone has maximum liberties, Where the only limitation is the freedoms of others.
    In this sense, There is no good argument to restrict a portion of society (the lgbt), Of the same liberties enjoyed by heterosexuals.
    The lgbt are as citizens as any other person, And therefore have the same rights, Duties and freedoms as all others, Which includes the free expression of their sexuality, And the right to be respected by all others

  • Sexuality is natural

    Sexuality is natural and what it unnatural is building connections and romance only based off of your genitals. Sexuality is complex and severely misunderstood in society. Plus population decline is clearly not a problem. People who are against this have been conditioned to think of such relationships as gross. Deeming this illegal would also be such a blow to diversity, Which is something that humans should be celebrated for.

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