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  • No, Belgium should not offer support.

    Belgium has itself been in a state of financial disarray for years and is not in a stable enough condition to offer aide to any country, least of all not Myanmar. The government is in shambles, and the country has run without a stable and established government for nearly two years and is still figuring out how to run its country today.

  • No it should not support Myanmar.

    Belgium as a country can barely support themselves financially. Belgium did not even have a government for 2 years, with many internal political and financial struggles. Supporting another country is not something that is in the best interest of Belgium, as they themselves can barely support themselves. Myanmar as a country that's also rife with political struggles themselves and needs to clean its act up.

  • No, Belgium should not support Myanmar economically because of a lack of humanitarianism.

    Myanmar has a severe lack of humanitarian and equal rights. These rights should be extended towards all citizens, as well as all detainees and political prisoners. Many citizens do not enjoy the rights that many other countries as well as the many natural resource exploitation violations that companies who invest in Myanmar undertake.


    Amnesty International is concerned that the vague and sweeping provisions of Law 5/96 criminalize the peaceful expression of political beliefs, and has called for its repeal. AI has called upon the government of Myanmar to uphold universal human rights standards enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially those of freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, freedom from torture and ill-treatment, and fair trial. AI is also concerned that torture and other forms of ill treatment have been used to extract ficticious confessions that will be presented as evidence against the detainees. Detainees often do not receive immediate medical treatment, access to lawyers, family, and the courts. Myanmar currently has at least 1,158 political prisoners detained - one of the highest of such populations worldwide.

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