Should Ben Affleck run for the Massachusetts Senate?

  • I dare him.

    Ben Affleck should definitely run for the Mass. senate position. He has such obvious talent and seems well educated on the issues. As Reagan, Swcharznegger, and many others have done, I think he should as well. I think it's about time we put in more refreshing candidates instead of the same practiced politicians who America needs less of.

  • No, he is an actor, not a politician.

    While I enjoy Ben Afflecks's movies, I do not believe that he is the right choice for a political candidate. Actor's have far too much scandal and baggage with them to make them viable candidates. While these issues should not matter, they are inevitably brought up due to the childish nature of our political system. We need a shrewd person in politics, not an actor play boy.

  • Good Will Acting.

    Ben Affleck is a decent actor. Ben Affleck is a pretty good writer and director. Ben Affleck has a great bromance with Matt Damon. But Ben Affleck would be a ridiculous choice to replace John Kerry as Massachusetts Senator. If he ran for the post, hopefully those crazy Bostonians would have the good sense to realize that he should stick to movies and stay out of politics.

  • I don't think so.

    I believe I saw a headline the other day that said Ben Affleck had decided not to run for Senate, so that tells me he isn't ready at this time. I have seen him on political talk shows and believe he does have a passion for politics, as well as good ideas. However, I have to laugh a bit when actors' names get thrown around for possible political office positions. They are popular and could get the vote, but have not put in the time in the political trenches, so to speak.

  • Ben Should Stick To Acting

    I laugh when I see the title of Senate by Ben Affleck's name. It just doesn't sound right and I know for a fact that it would not work. Affleck has no political experience and has not really voiced his opinion on political issues in the past. He would be running of the strength of his acting career which is ridiculous in my opinion.

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