• Ben's Revenge on Cruz

    Is that Christian behavior? Staying in only to take votes away from Ted because you "feel" that he took votes away from you in Iowa?
    Please suspend your campaign and throw your support to Ted.
    He can stop Trump and restore America. We need your intellect and character on his team.

  • Yes, save yourself the time, money and stress.

    Ben Carson won't win the Republican nomination. It's pretty clear that Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are the three front-runners, with Carson a distant fourth. He has gotten as much as he can out of the race. Now he should save his time and money by dropping out. Besides, it's more entertaining to watch the race from afar.

  • The field of Republican candidates needs to be narrowed, and Carson isn't bringing anything unique to the table.

    The fact that the Republican party still had 11 candidates in the running for its nomination going into the Iowa primary is astounding. At this point in the election, two or three candidates should be rising to the top if the party is going to have any chance of winning the general election. The candidates, like Carson, who are no longer rallying enough support to be in the top three positions and are not bringing any unique perspective to the table, should drop out and encourage their supporters to rally behind someone else. It's been fun, but it's time to show a little unity in the Republican party.

  • Carson should not have entered the race.

    Ben Carson is politically naive and inexperienced. He is very fringe with no rational policies to base a candidacy on. His candidacy was based entirely on his uniqueness as a republican, because he's a successful African American businessman who is religiously conservative, but has no real political backing. He's attractive to a very small group of people.

  • He wasn't given a fair chance

    Ben Carson's followers were duped into voting for Ted Cruze, when they were told erroneously that Mr. Carson had dropped out of the race. He should stay in the race if only to prevent Cruze from getting any more of his voters. This kind of underhanded tactic tells the character of the candidate. Mr. Carson should be allowed to self-realize and not be derailed by a cheater.

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