Should Bernie Madoff have been given a lighter sentence?

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  • Bernie Madoff should not have been given a lighter sentence.

    Bernie Madoff did not act alone. He was made into the fall guy to cover for so many that should have fallen along with him. Of course, our ever-complicit media played its role in simplifying a major problem down to just one main person. The sentencing was fine, it just should have been applied to a lot more people that were just as involved, if not more so. The corruption continues, only more cunning in its ways.

  • The sentence fit the crime.

    Bernie Madoff used his knowledge and position in financial markets to pull off one the biggest financial fraud case in the history of the United States. That sort of accomplishment deserved the highest possible sentence, and fortunately for the Americans, he got it. I don't think his punishment is too light, considering he wrecked our economy.

  • He got what he deserved

    No lighter sentence for Bernie Madoff! The man got what he deserved. His cold-blooded, blatant deception of thousands of trusting people is appalling. Making false promises, taking people's money and spending it all on your own luxury lifestyle? Oh, really? Well, he must enjoy jail luxury now. The people will never see their investments again.

  • He Should Have Been Fined

    I do not believe Bernie Madoff should have been given a lighter sentence, in fact he should have been forced to pay a large fine directly to the individuals he stole from. A little return is better than nothing. Madoff stole billions of dollars, just because he commited a white collar crime, doesn't mean he should get a lighter sentence.

  • Bernie Madoff should not have been given a lighter sentence.

    Bernie Madoff should not have been given a lighter sentence because of the severity of his crime. Madoff swindled hundreds of people of millions of dollars for his own personal greed. He made a mockery of our financial system and the trust of his clients. He deserves the punishment he got.

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