Should Bernie Madoff's wife be charged with crimes related to his Ponzi scheme?

  • Surely She Knew Something

    Bernie Madoff's wife, Ruth, should be charged with something because surely she knew there was something illegal going on. On the other hand, her life is in shambles because her son committed suicide over the $60 billion Ponzi scheme and that is someone Ruth Madoff will never have back. According to a Time magazine article in December 2013, no one in Bernie Madoff's immediate family even speaks to him anymore as he serves out a 150-year sentence in federal prison.

  • Bernie Madoff's wife should be charged with crimes related to his Ponzi scheme.

    It is clear that Mrs. Madoff was complicit in her husband's pyramid scheme and she should be punished as an accomplice. Although she was not the brains of the operation, she has confessed to knowing about her husband's crimes, and she clearly enjoyed the money that he stole from innocent victims.

  • Yes, she should.

    There is no way that Bernie Madoff's wife had no idea what was going on. She could have easily reported his foolish ways to authorities. She instead preferred to live a life of fame and fortune. She deserves to go to prison just as much as he does. I hope she rots in a jail cell.

  • Yes, she must have known.

    It is hard to believe that the long time wife of Bernie Madoff just took advantage of all the resources and perks of his business and knew absolutely nothing about how he was making the money by scamming their friends and other people. So she at least needs to be closely investigated.

  • Was She Involved

    I believe the only reason Bernie Madoff's wife should be charged is if there is clear evidence that shows she was involved. Not that she benefited, but that she was directly involved. Men sometimes make mistakes or do incredibly corrupt things without the knowledge of their significant other. Its unfair to charge someone just because they were married to the person.

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