• He's for America

    He is the much needed candidate for the times we as a country are going through! He knows that a candidate is much more than getting somebody into office,as someone who needs to take initiative and lead by action,not by bragging! He has and always will be for the people! This man has been dogged by the media and doing this with the people,has over reached the notion that money can't buy America

  • Confidence is key

    Of course he should, the question should be would the confidence be genuine or or not. Regardless of the odds you need to appear confident if just for the sake of not giving your opponent permission to walk all over you. I know Hilary is being dubbed as the given choice for the democrats but to be honest there are a lot of weaknesses to her game. She makes frequent errors were she has no answer for things, her views on foreign policy are shaky at best and she does play the woman card too much and can come across as cold. Although the democratic might be hoping she gets in I think there there is a good possibility she could lose to Bernie Sanders, I think the election could go either way.

  • His positions resonate with the majority.

    Over and over, Bernie repeats a list of things that he stands for, most of which he has championed for decades: tax the wealthy more, close corporate tax loopholes, break up big banks, guarantee tuition-free college, healthcare for all as a right, pay equity for women, fix our infrastructure, end the war on drugs, immigration reform, no wars for profit, and many more. When Americans are polled on these positions, they show strong, majority support for them. That is Bernie's strength, and why he is rising to the top -- he represents what the majority of Americans want.

  • Candidate for the people.

    Bernie Sanders definitely should be confident in his race against Hillary Clinton because he is the self proclaimed candidate for the people. One of Mr Sanders biggest selling points is his stance on taxes. Bernie Sanders claims he will consider taxing America's wealthiest by as much as 90 percent, while I am quite sure if ever elected to office Mr Sanders plans in no way to live up to this, it seems to be a huge selling point to a lot of Americans who thinks this will somehow end the cycle of poverty in America.

  • Bernie gaining steam against Hillary

    Bernie Sanders should most definitely be confident running against Hillary, because he has what it takes to become the Democratic candidate. Right now, America is looking for a relatable leader, a man of the people, and Bernie Sanders is exactly that. Especially with Hillary's email debacle, and unfortunately Bill's scandal in the presidency (because Trump is taking down Hillary with this), Sanders is gaining momentum and followers and could definitely beat Hillary.

  • Heck, yeah, he should be more than confident

    Actually, the question should not be his confidence about running against Hillary but, "Do you, Mr. Sanders have an inner confidence that you can win against Mrs. Clinton?" We all have our vices and confidences and without regards to what other people think. Only the individual that believes in him/her self has the necessary tools to be successful.

  • No, Bernie may be too far left for the country as it is.

    While Bernie Sanders is exactly the president many millennial Democrats long to see in office, he may be too radical to hope for much stability during his time in office. Hillary Clinton seems better suited to leading both Democrats and Republicans, as this is a nation that belongs to both.

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