• Give Bisexual Polyamourous People the Right to Marry!

    Polygamy should be legal. I know several polyamourous people. The first girl I kissed was actually bisexual and polyamourous. Many polyamourous people feel empty when they are not involved with multiple people at once. Being involved romantically with several people at the same time makes some people happy, and that is okay. Why shouldn't they have the right to marry multiple people at once?

  • Hillary Clinton plays dirty

    Hillary Clinton plays dirty. She says that Bernie Sanders wants to get rid of Obamacare. Bernie himself has said that Obamacare was an improvement over the previous status quo. What Bernie wants is to replace Obamacare with Medicare for all, which would mean everyone would have a right to free healthcare, and it would be paid for with the progressive income tax and none of the money would go to for-profit insurance companies. If Bernie can't get the votes for that he will keep Obamacare and will defend it from being repealed unless that repeal comes with an expansion of Medicare to cover every American citizen. Hillary's attempts to twist this to sound like he wants to take away people's healthcare is a shameless appeal to ignorance.

    She's going for the "did not do their research" vote, and you can understand why she is choosing that strategy, because if you do your research you realize just how much campaign money she gets from Wall Street how can anyone trust her to stand up to them. If another crisis happens she will do nothing to hold Wall Street accountable. Maybe one person will be prosecuted like what happened last time but everyone else will be let off the hook.

    Here's an article that reveals that not only does she take bad campaign contributions she let's them decide her policy positions,


    She opposed a trade deal with Colombia over human rights abuses from an oil company there. Then they contributed donations and she changed her mind.

  • I don't hate him, but.....

    I get that people like him for his honest on his position and what he says. He is an outsider from the political establishment. However, he his stance on socialism isn't going to help this country.... When he I saw him in the first democratic debate, I didn't have a problem with.... Until he said that climate change caused the terrorism problem we currently have with ISIS.....πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž

  • Ew Disgusting No

    Bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks bernie sucks

  • Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are willing to take from the rich to get what they want.

    Bernie Sanders wants free Healthcare and free college courses. Here's the problem: they are totally not free. He will tax the rich too much, and if he becomes president, we will run out of wealthy people in this country. You may ask: "What about people who got money handed down to them?" They're wealthy, too. I understand that, but, most of the wealthy people in America earned their money. Those who had money handed down to them? Someone worked hard for them to have a good life. Everyone should have a job, without raising minimum wage. Minimum wage is poverty. It's not supposed to be a high number. If you have a part time minimum wage job, you should probably have 2 or 3 jobs. If you didn't go to college, that doesn't hold you back from having a good enough paying job. Who doesn't seem to believe this? Bernie Sanders. That is just some of the reasons he shouldn't be president.

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