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  • She controls her own actions.

    Betty White can do whatever she wants. She has been in many other movies made just a few years ago like The Lorax and she's still good. She might be in her mid-90s but it doesn't seem like she's been suffering from anything so she could keep acting even on the day before she dies.

  • Why would she?

    She may be old but she can do whatever she wants. Besides it wouldn't be good for her to just stop working when she's perfectly healthy and able. Studies say that it's good to continue working in old age as it slows down aging and cognitive deterioration so if I were here I wouldn't stop until I was no longer healthy enough to work.

  • She should carry on as long as she wants.

    In the entertainment industry where there are so few roles written for older women such as Betty White, it is extraordinary that older actresses still continue to work, thrive and continue to enjoy what they're doing. Women across all age groups deserve representation and it should be seen as a hugely positive thing that women in their 90s are playing their part in this.

  • Betty White should act any age she wants to

    I disagree that Betty White should stop acting because of her age. Movies and television shows need old people in their stories too. Old people are part of our life and they should be parts of our stories on the silver screen too, to dispense wisdom to the younger characters or have crazy situations too.

  • No, she should continue for as long as she's healthy and whishes to act.

    If Betty White is able and feels healthy enough to continue to act or do whatever it is that she wants to do, then age should not matter. It is sad the way society looks at the elder was if they were incapable and, even worst, as if they no longer had feelings and dreams.

  • Betty White is the Best, so keep working

    We cannot get enough of Betty White. She can act until her last day on the planet if it gives her joy, because we love her. Most of us grew up watching her, so it feels like we're watching a member of the family. We all will continue to cheer her on and marvel at her longevity.

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