• Beyonce is a talented actor in her own right

    Yes, Beyonce should do more acting. Besides her illustrious singing career, Beyonce is also a star, writer, producer and director of songs, videos, documentaries, movies, and tv programs. She has many talents and is very versatile in the performing arts. Beyonce has acted in small parts for Hollywood movies in lesser known films. She has a wealth of experience and should showcase her talents in more films, specifically feature films, for which she would have the opportunity to be involved in more mature roles.

  • Beyonce needs to know where to draw the line

    Beyonce is many things, a great role model, influence, pop star, singer, performer, but she is not an actress. Beyonce is extremely talented and successful, but I think that part of her success stems from knowing which challenges and projects to delve into and knowing her limits. Acting is not her forte and she should not do more acting.

  • Beyonce should not do more acting

    Beyonce is a very talented singer and performer. She has released numerous singles which have gone platinum, including 'Single Ladies' and 'Bootylicious.' She has also appeared in a few movies, such as 'Austin Powers.' However, her musicical abilities far outweigh her acting abilities. I do not believe that Beyonce should do more acting, unless she is acting in a musical comedy where he true talent can shine bright.

  • Stick to your gifts

    Beyonce is a wonderful singer and performer! As an actress though I feel she falls short. She is great as a supporting character or in films that don't get a lot of notoriety. However, I feel like her strengths are best suited for continueing her singing career. If she wants to add acting to her resume I feel that she should take a break from singing to really learn the trade. I think that actors should stick to acting and singers should stick to singing; only a small few can really make the crossover work.

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