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  • No, Beyonce shouldn't tell me how to eat.

    Beyonce is a role model to many people. She shouldn't use her influence to try to push a major life-style change, such as becoming vegan, on anyone. Using one's status as a celebrity to try to sway public opinion, regarding any important topic is, in my opinion, very wrong. She would not be wrong to simply say that she is vegan, but to try to convince others to become one also is an abuse of her status.

  • Beyonce should not push her vegan diet on fans.

    While I don't have a problem with Beyonce supporting a vegan lifestyle, or explaining the benefits of that lifestyle to her fans. She should definitely no push that lifestyle on anyone. A vegan diet takes careful monitoring to ensure that the dieter is getting the proper nutrients. Someone who isn't committed to the diet should not be made to feel guilty because they chose to live as an omnivore.

  • Beyonce should not push her diet on fans.

    Just because vegan is the way for her,does not mean it is for everyone. If ask about her diet explaining it is fine, but I do not think she should try to push that way of eating on anyone. I think everyone interested should know the facts about the diet and make the decision if it fits them or not.

  • No, Beyonce should not push her own beliefs on her fans

    No, just because Beyonce chooses to make certain dietary choices doesn't mean she should push those views on her fans. Beyonce has a large group of fans from young girls to adults, and a vegan diet might not be a healthy or viable option for some people. Pushing her own dietary choices on others is rude and uncalled for.

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