• The Apollo 11 and 13 rockets are historical artifacts to be preserved

    Bezos should be allowed to keep the Apollo 11 and 13 rockets so that they can be properly preserved. Bezos has said that he would eventually like the rockets to be displayed at the Smithsonian Museum or the Museum of Flight in Seattle. He acknowledges that the rockets belong to NASA.

  • These are a piece of American national history.

    While Bezos would be completely within his rights to keep hold of the recovered fragments, it would be better if he handed them to a museum or to NASA for preservation and display to the public. The Apollo missions are an incredibly important part of American history and it would be a shame to make these artefacts inaccessible for everyone.

  • No, Jeff Bezos should donate the Apollo 11 and 13 rockets.

    No. Although Jeff Bezos' company, Bezos Expeditions, spent quite a bit of money and several months recovering the Apollo 11 and 13 rockets, he should donate them to museums. The rockets are part of history and a piece of Americans' culture which should be shared and studied by all. Bezos should not keep them for himself.

  • Bezos should hand over Apollo 11 and 13 Rockets to the space museum for conservation

    Bezos is fascinated with space travel, and has an interest in developing space hotels, amusement parks and small cities for people orbiting the earth. It is understandable that he should also be interested in the 11 and 13 Apollo Rockets. They are valuable pieces of history, proof of the fact that man landed on the moon forty years ago. Everyone should be able to enjoy these scientific relics. Therefore, the Rockets should be housed and exhibited in a NASA facility where they will be protected from damage and cared for so that they may be safely viewed in public. If Bezos wants to fund the project, he is admirable for it.

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