• I think that someone should.

    There is far too much gun violence in America and I think that the problem should be addressed. Too often politicians back down without changing any of the laws. I believe that we need stricter enforcement on some existing laws and we need to close some loopholes. I also think we need more stringent mental health standards and that a gun owner should be found mentally and emotionally fit.

  • Biden should lead the push to curb gun violence.

    Biden should lead the push to curb gun violence. Anything that Washington can do to stop the violence in America would be helpful. I do not think that taking away guns is the answer or the solution. I think people have a right to defend themselves and their families and should be allowed to do that.

  • Biden Should Lead the Push

    I think Joe Biden is a good person to lead the push to curb gun control. He is a likable and public figure who is very good at articulating his ideas while speaking. He also has a decent amount of power and commands attention due to his position as the Vice President of this country.

  • Yes, Biden should lead the push to curb gun violence.

    Yes, Joe Biden should take the lead to curb gun violence. He knows the very meaning and essence of suicide. He has a living example of suicide survivors. He has a passion and sense of understanding for those who commit suicide and hence can communicate them more than anybody else.

  • Yes, it's always good for vice presidents to have a cause

    The Vice President is a pretty powerful position, and the ability to use that power for a cause is a great thing to do. Just because the Vice President is considered a "fall man" doesn't mean he should not try to focus on important issues. I mean, why shouldn't he? What's the worst that could happen? He may actually do some good.

  • Joe Biden would not be the right man for this job

    Joe Biden is not the man for this job. He is not seen as a strong or reliable man and would not be a competent leader for this fight.
    It would make more sense to encourage the American people themselves to get involved and change the factors involved in gun violence. Helping and encouraging people to seek help for mental illness, creating programs to get kids involved in activities they are passionate about and keeping them off the streets, and fighting poverty would all be helpful interventions to the cycle of violence.
    Instead of looking only at the end result, the gun violence, we need to see the road that led to the events and look to see what we can change to keep it from happening again. Tighter gun laws are a good idea but they won't keep the guns away from the people who don't register or buy their guns from a dealer.

  • A three-letter word. N-O.

    No, Biden should not lead the push to curb gun violence, because he is not credible. Just as Biden thinks that "Jobs" is a three-letter word, he is not smart enough or charismatic enough to lead a meaningful public debate on the topic. Biden is a politician, and he should stick with the plastic smiles and feeling up Congressman's wives on picture day.

  • Biden Not a Good Candidate to Fight Gun Violence

    Vice President Biden isn't the best choice for the Democrats to lead the push to curb gun violence. Of course, gun violence is a concern in the United States, but it has actually been declining for years. Better candidates are available to make the push to reduce gun violence even further.

  • Biased

    Heck no, Biden is rabid anti gun and highly biased. Would Romney be a good lead on a discussion to reduce the number of abortions?

    The panel is supposed to look at a number of ways to curb violence, not just gun control. Yet, I bet that panel is 95% gun banners and will spend 90% of their time talking about draconian gun control laws. It's a joke.

  • Biden is a fall man nothing more

    Like most Vice Presidents he is a useless fall man. If Obama wants to curb gun violence with his constitutional crushing gun control measures he should own it. He also has the least to lose no more elections while Biden may have two more to go. Biden should be pushing for mental health or other election boosting issues.

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