• 2008 housing market bubble

    The banks commit fraud and cause the us and world economy to crash ecery 15-20 years simoly because they are too big to fail. Their needs to be serious reform the banks need to be broken up and refulated so stuff like the 2008 recession dosnt happen ever again. Go bernie!

  • No, it is cheaper to run a large bank.

    No, big banks should not be broken up, because big banks can do things more efficiently with size. Smaller banks are not able to operate as efficiently as larger banks. Because of their small size, they have to pass along fees to their customers. Big banks should be allowed to market their services to all who want them.

  • Only If They Cause Trouble

    Big banks should be broken up only if they cause trouble, which is what the financial reform act was about after the Great Recession happened. It's a free market and companies can get as large as they wish. The difficulty is that they should be allowed to fail just like anyone else. Ordinary citizens don't get a bailout if they live beyond their means, so why should companies get special government money?

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