• Yes It Should

    I'm not a big fan of reality TV and I have missed several seasons of Big Brother. I think they should have another season because so many other people seem to enjoy it. I say, if it works, run with it. I know some of my family members get really hyped up about Big Brother.

  • People still watch it.

    Yes, Big Brother should have another season, because people still watch the show. It is still a popular show and people still talk about it around the water cooler. As long as people are still making money for CBS by producing the show, by all means, they should have another season

  • Big Brother is stupid

    It is time to stop the act America. It is time to stop acting like prudes in public and running home at night to watch reality television shows where pretty people try to have sex with each other. Big Brother is just PG-13 Voyeurism. The Bachelor and Bachlorette are essentially the same thing with more open sex. We need to stop acting like we are offended by sexual content, cancel stupid shows like these, and just start broadcasting porn.

  • Please God no!

    This pathetic excuse of a TV show shouldn't have ever had a first season. The only reason that they keep making these shows is that they are cheap to produce and full of stupid people that you don't have to pay. Shows like this make me want to cancel my cable!

  • No, Big Brother should not have another season.

    No, there should not be another season of Big Brother. Do not get me wrong, I sometimes enjoy that show. It does have it's entertaining moments, but enough is enough. It has been on way too long now and it does get boring after awhile, plus it is on sooo many nights of the week.

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