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  • No, It would give them to much power.

    No, big businesses should not be given their own state. It would never work because of tax reasons their could be a greater of fraud and deception to have that much control. But this dream scenario quickly becomes a nightmare, when you discover that your state and town will give this corporation millions of dollars in tax breaks instead. By the time your kid graduates from high school, this company still won't be paying its full share of taxes to your community.

  • No, big business should fall under the federal government.

    The federal government needs to ensure that big business is playing by the same rules. If they weren't being controled, to a certain extent, by the government, there would be crazy things happening at these businesses. The government protects the people, believe it or not. It's important to know that.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe big businesses should be given their own state. I believe these ultra-businesses are undermining the economic market and they are making the world worse off in general terms. We shouldn't offer more benefits to these businesses, we should be making them break up due to their monopolistic natures.

  • Don't Mix Business and Government

    The biggest businesses are already inextricably intertwined with government at the federal state and local levels. Giving them their own state would only serve to permit them to pass even more protectionist laws to prevent competition from entering their respective markets and make them lose market share. This is a terrible idea.

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