Should Big Finish make audio stories featuring the NewWho Doctors?

Asked by: pinkdonutz
  • New Doctors Need Audio Adventures

    Let's face it: Doctor Who has become global thanks to the NewWho Doctors. Had it not been for the fantastic Ninth Doctor, the dashing Tenth Doctor, and the childish Eleventh Doctor, not to mention the battle-hardened War Doctor and the yet-to-come Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who would still have been some weird old British sci-fi show that old people used to watch when they were young. And yet Big Finish is only making OldWho Doctor audio adventures? Now, for all you OldWho fans out there, I'm not saying anything bad about the old Doctors, really. I really like all of them, and I listened to almost every one of the Big Finish audio adventures(I especially like The Light At The End; hmm, wonder why). And I know it's great for Doctors that didn't have much time on TV(for example, the Sixth Doctor and the Eighth Doctor), because it gives them a chance to show how their Doctor is as good as the other ones. However, I am not saying they should stop OldWho audio adventures, I only want Big Finish to squeeze some time and effort into making Brand New Adventures for the NewWho Doctors. Who wouldn't want to turn their audio players on and listen to the voices of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, or Matt Smith? They could also bring their respective companions, like Rose Tyler(Billie Piper), Mickey Smith(Noel Clarke), Martha Jones(Freema Agyeman), Donna Noble(Catherine Tate), Jack Harkness(John Barrowman), Amy Pond(Karen Gillan), Rory Williams(Arthur Darvill), River Song(Alex Kingston), and much more. I know there are those audiobooks and novels for the NewWho Doctors, but they're just not the same. In conclusion, we need New Doctor audio adventures.
    P.S. I would really love it if Big Finish does a special episode and a New Doctor meets an Old Doctor. Hey, anything's possible in audio,

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