• Big government should be abolished.

    With Corruption running rampant and misspending of funds and over taxation we simply do not need a large and over empowered group of people dictating to others what the feel is how things should be. We have far too many laws that have been trampling on our basic rights for too long now.

  • Government is to big

    The federal government budget is bigger than kim kardashians fake plastic ass. The government should protect you from violence, like theft assualt murder, etc. any government that tells you whether you can catch rain in a barrel is to fucking big. The federalists were the worst thing to ever happen to america.

  • Government should be abolished

    Government is a leach, it takes all of the tax payers money, and wastes on things like roads, and hospitals. I believe that roads should be made by businesses which build roads for profit. And hospitals should also be made for profit. Government, wastes your money. I have more to say, but not enough time to say it. That is all. Thank you.

  • An expansion of government means an expansion of coercion.

    With a reasonable definition of 'big,' then a big government certainly should be abolished. Government operates through force, it does not make suggestions it gives commands. Since force can only rightfully be used to protect rights, a government has definite moral limits. Big government destroys liberty, instead of protecting it.

  • Out of control

    Right now, the size and spending of government is out of control. It needs to be reduced to something that is manageable and can be paid for with the revenues that we actually have. However, government still needs to be big and powerful enough that it can protect the nation as well as regulate big corporations that would otherwise be just as pervasive and corrupt as big government.

  • Waste of Money

    Government senators, congress and others get paid way too much, smaller government means less money that taxpayers have to pay for people who do nothing but argue with each other all day long. A lot of people these days have become dependent on the government, and if they lessen the size of the government it may also help with this problem.

  • No.

    Big government should not be abolished. Although government should always be regulated to prevent abusive dictators and other things, there is a tremendous and important need for government. People generally know right from wrong, however they are also very selfish. It is important for people to be governed by people that are capable of preventing utter chaos from occurring in a completely free world.

  • We need the government

    The government is what gives us everything we need in our daily citizen lives. The government protects us from terrorist and international threats, and also ensures us a good paying job and thriving economy. The big government, is what makes America strong. If we let states secede from the union, what would happen is a loss of status, and a vulnerability to attacks.

  • What big government?

    Assuming this question pertains to the United States, what big government? Even with Obamacare we still don't have universal health care.
    Compare the US to all the countries in Europe where literacy rates are higher and people live longer and you'll find we clearly don't have a problem with big government.

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