• I think big name authors could self publish.

    I understand it may put the middle man out of a job, but why have another man/woman put your work out there? I am sure a big-name author like Stephan King, or John Grisham could publish their own work. They would not have to spend extra money to pay a publisher, and in turn, their books would be cheaper for the public.

  • Could be more profitable.

    Self publishing could cut down on the money taken out of what they make in sales. I think that all authors should self publish their work. There is no need to have a middle man, especially if the author is already well known for their previous work. Publishing companies take entirely too much of a cut from book sales.

  • I don't see why not.

    I don't know that much about publishing, so maybe there's something else going on here that I don't know about, but I don't see why authors of any kind shouldn't self-publish. If it works, then why not? Depending on their own individual situations, self-publishing might have certain advantages over other publishing

  • Yes, self-publishing is a great tool for authors

    Technology has finally advanced to the point where self-publishing for aspiring authors and big names alike. Gone are the days when you needed a giant publishing house to distribute your work. Now, big-name authors can have more control and artistic license by publishing their own work. If they take advantage of this, surely more authors will follow.

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