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  • Oil Companies make enough money

    The profit margin of petroleum and petroleum products is large enough that government subsidies are not needed. Those kinds of subsidies should be aimed more towards alternative renewable resources. We should not support the use of finite resources through government aid. If these resources are so valuable, then let the market reflect it. Eventually the alternatives will become cheaper than petrol, and we will finally move from the product.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    No, I absolutely do not believe that big oil should receive government subsidies. The oil companies are literally the richest companies on the planet. More money from our government is the last thing that they need. They have more than enough money to do what they want. Particularly since they already get so many tax breaks.

  • No, big oil companies need no subsidies of any kind.

    No. Why should our government approve subsidies to companies making three hundred percent profit in one year and whose executives receive six figure salaries which do not include bonuses? A government subsidy is the last thing these companies should need or expect. I understand they have huge expenses, but they are also making huge profits.

  • Big Oil Companies Should Not Receive Government Subsidies

    Government subsidies should be reserved for industries that need the financial assistance of the government. Big oil companies do not need such help as they are profitable on their own and operate at large margins when compared to other industries. Providing governmental subsidies for an already flourishing industry takes money and resources away from those industries that much need the helping hand.

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