• It should be because it is personal choice with no real moral or social damage to others.

    I would not do so myself but I will not say no if someone wants to marry more than two people. It maybe immoral to me or to those who say No, but it is moral to the people who consent to such marriage and see nothing wrong with it.

    Alexander the great once called to assembly several greek and indian people that he had conquered. He told the hindi if it was okay to put coins into the dead bodies' eyes at funeral and to the greek if it was okay to butcher the body into piece and feed it to vultures. Both lamented and screamed blashemy.

    This may not apply to you, but the thing is we all view bygamy as role model for cheating or someone sexaully depraved. The reality is even by nature we are not designed to be monogamous.

    My monogamy with my girlfriend is my choice because I truely do care about her and no need of anyone.

    Perhaps someone who is in polygamous relationship have two mor more people he or she cares about. Let them do so as long he or she does not infringe on my personal relationship. That is their personal choice and I cannot say no to that unless it did some serious damage.

  • It's About Consenting Adults

    How many people plan to have a traditional monogamous lifestyle just because it's expected of them? How much happier and productive will people be if they are free to live how they want?
    Just because you don't understand doesn't give you the right to persecute. Some people may prefer a relationship that is 1 man/several women, 1 woman/several men, several men, several women, several men/several women. All kinds of combinations.
    Some stipulations will have to be in place to prevent this from being abused for the sake of immunity from testifying in court or green cards. Child care and other related financial benefits should shrink the bigger the group is because the bigger it is the more opportunities they have to make their own money.
    Look at the demographic crisis in some western nations. People want to focus on personal goals and living their lives, and this is understandable. I think most people still want to have kids though it's not for everyone but more and more people are less likely to commit to it. If it were socially acceptable and even common to choose to live your life raising a family with several adults under one roof then division of labor is easier, kids get taken care of and parents still have time for other things.
    And really we should just call this "civil union" and make marriage a ceremonial/romantic/religious thing. The legal benefits of marriage are good for anyone living together over the long term, especially raising a family. But I doubt two brothers caring for kids together would want to call themselves "married", they should still get the same benefits. "Romance" is not a sound reason to determine financial or legal benefits to people.

  • Yes I agree that bigamy should be legal, why shouldn't it be legal?

    I don't understand why I can't have two spouses. All the arguments I've seem come down to "Ew! Bigamy is icky!" If someone wants to have multiple spouses then let them. No one is saying that you have to like it, or marry two people, but I can't really see any way it could harm society.

  • No, it should not.

    No, bigamy should not be legal. I'm a very liberal person, but to me, bigamy is just wrong. A person should have one spouse - no more than that. I don't understand how certain women consent to bigamy and willingly participate in it. It baffles me and I don't think that it should be legal.

  • It violates the principle of propriety.

    Husband-wife is one of the five cardinal relationships and this principle should never change. Love and respect are the two main elements of a husband-wife relationship; if a homosexual couple can perform the functions of a heterosexual one, then they should certainly get the right to do so. Bigamy is a different thing altogether. As there is more than one party involved, the relationship between these parties (and the children produced by these parties) will be complex, and lead to family problems. We have seen many examples of this in ancient times, when polygamy was common: take Dream of the Red Chamber, for example. Thus we can see that polygamy is harmful to human relationships, and thus violates the principle of propriety.

  • No bigamy should not be legal.

    No, I do not believe that bigamy should be legal and takes away from the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is supposed to be between two consenting adults, and only two consenting adults, thus making bigamy should remain illegal. Bigamy does not show true love and divides it too far among too many participants.

  • It should not be legal.

    All forms of legal marriage right now are between two people. In fact, there are even forms of marriage between two people which aren't legal, yet. Allowing bigamy to be legal when these hurdles haven't even been jumped yet is like a slap in the face to those wanting equal rights for populations like the LGBT community.

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June57 says2013-03-27T13:24:03.333
Okay, this debate really frustrates me. Everyone is so strongly for gay marriage, because its their right! They can't help who they love! Well, then according to that logic, why can't people have more than one spouse? They love them all! Its their right! The same goes if a brother wanted to marry a sister, or a cousin wanted to marry a cousin. Well, they love each other too, and according to the above logic, it is their right!
I am just saying this to prove a point, I do not agree with any of the above statements. I a completely for marriage between a man and a women only, but I get so frustrated when people are contradicting themselves!