• split big banks

    To prevent the collapse of the global financial system in 2008, Treasury committed 245 billion in taxpayer dollars to stabilize America’s banking institutions. Today, banks that were once “too big to fail” have only grown bigger, with JPMorgan Chase, Citi group, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs holding assets equal to over 50% of the U.S. Economy. Were size and complexity at the root of the financial crisis, or do calls to break up the big banks ignore real benefits that only economies of scale can pass on to customers and investors?

  • Yes They Should

    I believe when we have banks that say they are too big to fail, then we have a problem that needs to be fixed. If that is the case we need limits on the size of a bank and its affiliates so we never hear this excuse again. For those that are too large, they should be split up into smaller banks.

  • Yes: Large Banks Should Be Split Up

    The splitting of larger banks into smaller ones is important for minimizing risk to the global economy, which when it comes down to it, consists of billions of now vulnerable people. The downsizing of banks will make individuals more resilient in the face of economic catastrophe, which experts like Neil Barovsky, former Inspector General of TARP funds, has said is virtually assured in the coming years.

  • bigger banks be split up into smaller banks

    I personally agree,The list of nations thrown into poverty and austerity by the collapse of large banks keeps growing. First there was Iceland, then Ireland. Spain followed after and then came Cyprus. Banking is meant to be a service that enables all others. Without it there can be no trade, no commerce, no investment. Yet this fundament of modern economies has, in places, become their bane. It is almost five years since the financial crisis threw the rich world's big economies into recession. Taxpayers in many of those countries are still on the hook for billions of dollars, pounds and euros that were pumped into banks to ensure the entire financial system didn't grind to a halt. Millions more have lost jobs or felt their living standards decline because of slower economic growth or higher taxes as a direct result of the crisis.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that any thing needs to be done to the system that banks have in place today, and I think that the banks of this country do a really good job with taking care of our money, as well as lending money out to the people.

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