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  • Personal affairs should not be impeachable.

    Personal affairs should not be something that are impeachable. Hilary Clinton didn't even divorce him either, so he doubly should not have been impeached. Had he done something like sell American secrets that put the nation at risk than yeah he probably should have been impeached, but sexual relations with someone? No, who cares.

  • Bill Clinton- Inappropriate but not worth firing

    Although Bill Clinton had sexual relations and lied about it, he was still a great president. He should not have been impeached for what he did. People have done much worse and still maintained presidency, although secretly. He was the 42nd president of the United States,and that can never be taken away from him --- impeached or not. He ranked with 55 percent favoritism in the country!

  • It was yet another Republican distraction.

    There was no reason for Bill Clinton to be impeached. It was simply an excuse for the extremist Republicans who were in Congress at that time to try and disrupt the nation. The stunning hypocrisy of a bunch of fat old white politicians casting judgment on someone else for having an affair was just too much.

  • No, I don't think Bill Clinton should have been impeached.

    I believe that the Congress and Senate both had their chance and while the House voted to impeach the Senate failed to attract the needed numbers to impeach him, I think overall that what Bill Clinton did was very poor but I don't believe it was impeachment worthy in my view.

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