Should Bill Clinton release his paid speech transcripts since leaving office?

  • Yes, Bill Clinton should release his paid script speeches since leaving office.

    Since he is once again on the national stage with his wife Hilary who is running for president, it is only fair that he release the transcripts of paid speeches he has given since leaving office. The American public has a right to know what he's said in front of rooms of hundreds of people.

  • No, Bill Clinton has a right to keep his speech transcripts private

    The release of Bill Clinton's speech transcripts is not a requirement since he is not a public official. He was paid for the speeches and should be allowed to keep the transcript private. There is no security breech or conflict to make it necessary for the release of the content. There is political pressure on Bill Clinton due to his wife's campaign.

  • Bill Clinton? At this point who cares!

    Nothing like digging up the past to make everyone go crazy. Why would the release of his paid speech transcripts make any kind of difference...if you did it for Bill Clinton, you might as well do it for all of the former Presidents. Revealing transcripts is another way of bringing more "chaos" for lack of better words, to an already worn out Presidential run...which still has many more months to go. Paid speech transcripts, there are days when I wish I had them!

  • He has no need to.

    Unless Bill Clinton is going to run for a third term, which I do not think he can, he has no reason to release his financial documents, unless he's being audited by the IRS. As far as his connection with Hillary, those two only stay married for the benefits it has for their political career. I'm pretty sure they don't support each other financially.

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