• Yes he should

    Bill Cosby should be jailed for sexual assualt. He got away with this for far too long. He always had a great message, but he was living a double life. He needs to punished for his crimes just like anyone else. I think jail is right punishment for Bill Cosby.

  • Yes, Cosby drugged and then took advantage of defenseless women

    Cosby drugged and then took advantage of helpless women as they were passed out. If that is not enough to think that he sexually assaulted these women, many of them had also rejected his advances while sober, which is why he drugged them. Women have the right to say no to you and just because Cosby thought he "deserved" to have sex with them does not mean the woman thinks so; it is ultimately the woman's decision to say no to Cosby, and any man should honor that decision.

  • Yes, Bill Cosby should be jailed for sexual assault.

    Bill Cosby ought to be jailed for sexual assault. He has been accused by over fifty women of sexual battery, child sexual abuse, rape, and sexual misconduct. It cannot be a coincidence that over fifty women believe he is a sex offender. He must be jailed for sexual assault to serve these women justice.

  • No, I don't think the prison system should have a thing to do with Bill Cosby.

    My personal philosophy on prison is that it should only be utilized to remove those that pose a measurable threat from the general public from society.
    I don't like the concept of prison serving as some sort of parent, the idea that it is a "corrective facility" is a joke that doesn't generally pan out under scrutiny. I'm okay with it playing the role of protector when it comes to the general population. But I think the system is bloated and we put people away, non-violent drug offenders for example, that might benefit from being handled differently.

    I don't think that Cosby, at his age, and in his condition, is a threat to anyone. It might people a sense of justice they've been conditioned to feel when they see someone bad go to prison, but beyond that I can't justify it. Perhaps if it were 20 or 30 years ago maybe but not now. Take his money, take his honor, take his fame, take his dignity, and even restrict his freedom, if necessary, but utilizing our prison system to hold him, at this stage, seems like a waste.

  • Statue of Limitations

    There is a lot of media craze over this (#2 trending on Twitter) and it's a tough one. Bill Cosby made a mistake that is punishable by the law, and should be held to the same standards as others. That being said, his mistake was 12 years ago, and it doesn't seem right to punish him for a mistake of the far-past now.

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