• He gave up.

    Yes, Bill De Blasio should have gone further with his education, because it does not set a good example to young people now that he is in office. Any time a person is given an opportunity to better themselves by learning from others, they should do so. De Blasio did not capitalize on opportunities.

  • No, I don't believe Bill De Blasio should have gone furthur with his education

    I believe Bill De Blasio's education is sufficient enough for his job, he holds a BA from New York University and a MIS from Columbia University, I believe this more then qualifies Bil De Blasio for the job of Mayor of New York City, I think experience matters more then education in many cases.

  • BIll De Blasio should not have gone further with his education.

    BIll De Blasio should not have gone further with his education. Bill De Blasio received a Bachelor's degree from New York University and majored in Metropolitan studies. Bill De Blasio Also received a Master's in International affairs from Columbia's school of International and Public Affairs. Bill De Blasio has completed more than enough education to qualify him in his current role a mayor.

  • He seems to be doing fine

    More education is always a good thing, but now Mayor Bill De Blasio does seem to be doing fine and having enough success without further education. He is the mayor of one of the largest cities in the world and he was able to accomplish that without further schooling. He is okay.

  • No, Bill de Blasio is doing well without much of an education.

    I don't know that a career as a politician has a requirement for advancement that requires higher education as you progress through the ranks. An education is not a requirement for a successful career, instead, it helps in some careers and is absolutely necessary in others. An education is beneficial to a person in many ways other than career success, but that is a matter of personal choice.

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