Should Bill Gates be supporting Thorium as a safe energy alternative?

  • This is our last chance to sustain our civilization

    Our growing demand for energy pressures and destabilizes our society, when fossil fuels becomes even more expensive and scares this will destabilize our society even more. Thorium is the only way to get out from that position. It's safer, it's abundant and couldn last for many years for all our energy needs. Energy is what drives economy, not money.

  • If I was Gates

    I've read a lot about LFTR and to this lay person is sounds exciting. But, there are conflicting reports, some very positive and some not so much. If I had Gates money the first thing I would do is start a fact finding/decision panel of experts together. They would be charged with assembling the FACTS, not wishes and dreams. Then I would sit down with them in some warm place and decide, with numbers on success probability, on the likelihood of technical success. Then, how long it would take, then how much money it would take. I would establish these success criteria and if the numbers showed me a 70% chance of making a go, THEN I would put big bucks into the venture. But even Bill Gates doesn't have enough money to do this. He'll have to have the help of venture capital.

  • Yes, all alternatives should be explored.

    Yes, Bill Gates should be supporting Thorium as a safe energy alternative, because it is important to consider all types of alternative energy. Fossil fuels will not last forever, and Bill Gates is doing his job as a community leader by supporting alternative energies. If it is successful, he will be considered a hero.

  • Bill Gates Speaks, People Listen

    Bill Gates is one of the most influential people in the world. Without him and Steve Jobs, the personal computing industry wouldn't be what it is today. In pursuit of a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels, thorium (element 90 on the periodic table) is a viable alternative to traditional nuclear reactors. Thorium is four times more abundant than uranium in the Earth's crust. It also has less radioactive waste than uranium because it is lighter. With a half-life of more than 14 billion years, the radioactivity of thorium as an energy producer is not in doubt.

  • Bill Gates Should Support Thorium

    Without a doubt, Bill Gates should support Thorium because it is a safe energy alternative. Gates has more money than most and can afford to back such ambitious projects. Therefore, he should back this one in order to end the country's reliance upon oil and fossil fuels. Otherwise, we might be doomed one day.

  • Bill Gates is spread too thin.

    No, Bill Gates should not be supporting Thorium as a safe energy alternative, because Gates should be focusing on what he does best. Gates is a computer genius, and has transformed technology. That is a far cry from Thorium. Gates should stick to his strengths, and not try to control all of science.

  • Bill Gates should not be supporting Thorium as a safe energy alternative.

    Bill Gates should not support Thorium as an alternative energy source because it is not realistic. Although much research has been conducted on Thorium based reactors, they have never come to fruition. Bill Gates should spend his money on better areas of research that can lead to real technology in the future.

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