Should Bill Maher be awarded official national recognition for his contributions to society at large?

  • Yes he should

    Yes, he has done a huge amount of good for our society, and I think that he needs to be rewarded for that. I think that he is a very good man for this country and that he is one of the leading citizens that we have here in the US today.

  • What contributions, pray tell?

    Bill Maher is a comedian first and a bad libertarian political commentator second. The most notable thing he has done in his career is make a horrific and degrading documentary film about the stupidity of religion and religious beliefs, which was so offensive it turned off even a non-religious person as myself. He is contributing nothing but more hatred and divisiveness.

  • No He Shouldn't

    I do not believe there is any reason to signal out Bill Maher and award him with national recognition for his contributions to society at large. If he's going to get an award he's going to need to win one for journalism, or filmmaking, or for his TV shows. If Maher received national recognition there'd be a lot of people that deserved it based on the same terms.

  • No, his comedic contributions don't benefit society enough

    Bill Maher is a comedian, and you could make the case that he would deserve some sort of comedy award. But I don't think that he deserves recognition for contributing to society at large. First, you would have to show that he has contributed to society in a meaningful way - other than simply making people laugh. Until that happens, I don't think you can make the case that he deserves recognition.

  • He has said terrible things.

    No, Bill Maher should not be awarded official national recognition for his contributions to society at large, because he has said some things that are offensive and terrible. Maher has some deep hate and dislike for people with certain opinions. He should not be rewarded for tearing people apart and dividing society.

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