• Billiards should be considered a sport.

    Billiards should be considered a sport as it makes use of muscle energy, reflexes and burns a lot of energy in the process. Billiards also requires a lot of skill and concentration. In my opinion, anything we do that consists of skill and concentration should be considered a sport. Thus, I feel that billiards should be considered a sport.

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  • Balls. Goals. Skill. Opponent. Defensive strategy. SPORT! Absolutely!! Though not physically taxing...

    Although not as physically exerting as other sports, that is the only requisite, per definition(Oxford Dic. & Webster's...) that may be hard for some "jocks" to swallow... Billiards meets everything needed to be considered a sport, though an anaerobic one...
    Frankly, if hunting can be considered a sport, with the opponent being an unwilling, UNAWARE defenseless(the deer has no gun!) animal, pool has go to be considered one, too.

  • Don't even try

    It's extremely weak to justify billiards as a sport by comparing it to hunting with guns, darts or other games like that. None of these are sports. Here should be a litmus test for you: If you can be completely fat and out shape and be one of the top "athletes" of a sport [pause for laughing to stop], then for god' sake that's not a sport. Do not embarrass yourself. It's game, and I admit very tough to be good at, but still only a game and not a sport. Next you gonna say that poker is a sport? They play that on ESPN so it must a be sport! Just because something is tough to be good at, it does not make it a sport.

    And, I am not a jock by any means, I am just being reasonable and stating the obvious.

  • Um.... No way

    Billiards takes about as much skill and ability as folding the laundry. Last time I checked, "folding laundry" wasn't considered a sport. So....No, it is not a sport. However, it can be considered a game or a pastime. It takes about the same amount of skill as playing a game of checkers which is considered a "game."

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