• Billiards should be considered a sport.

    Billiards should be considered a sport as it makes use of muscle energy, reflexes and burns a lot of energy in the process. Billiards also requires a lot of skill and concentration. In my opinion, anything we do that consists of skill and concentration should be considered a sport. Thus, I feel that billiards should be considered a sport.

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  • Billiards IS A SPORT!

    As sad as it sounds i have a serious injury from over playing pool. Posterior tibialis injury that now needs surgery after failed physical therapy. Granted i was playing 10+ hrs at a time. I see a sports injury surgical specialist at Slocum, A specialized sports injury hospital. If you can develop a debilitating injury then yes it's a sport that takes a physical and mental tole on your body if not properly conditioned.

  • Billards, 3 cushions the most difficult sport.

    It is a shame that some persons do not know about a topic but they leave their opinions. Billard player needs to be focus, In shape to keep playing in the best way during tournament days. Hits, Strokes, Speed, Knowledge, Next move, Technique, Are some of the aspects that professional billiard players must have coordinated a long of each game during the all days of competition.
    Professional player, Run, Jogging, Go to the gym to get strength their muscles and be in a better shape to handle long days of tournament.

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  • Balls. Goals. Skill. Opponent. Defensive strategy. SPORT! Absolutely!! Though not physically taxing...

    Although not as physically exerting as other sports, that is the only requisite, per definition(Oxford Dic. & Webster's...) that may be hard for some "jocks" to swallow... Billiards meets everything needed to be considered a sport, though an anaerobic one...
    Frankly, if hunting can be considered a sport, with the opponent being an unwilling, UNAWARE defenseless(the deer has no gun!) animal, pool has go to be considered one, too.

  • Don't even try

    It's extremely weak to justify billiards as a sport by comparing it to hunting with guns, darts or other games like that. None of these are sports. Here should be a litmus test for you: If you can be completely fat and out shape and be one of the top "athletes" of a sport [pause for laughing to stop], then for god' sake that's not a sport. Do not embarrass yourself. It's game, and I admit very tough to be good at, but still only a game and not a sport. Next you gonna say that poker is a sport? They play that on ESPN so it must a be sport! Just because something is tough to be good at, it does not make it a sport.

    And, I am not a jock by any means, I am just being reasonable and stating the obvious.

  • Um.... No way

    Billiards takes about as much skill and ability as folding the laundry. Last time I checked, "folding laundry" wasn't considered a sport. So....No, it is not a sport. However, it can be considered a game or a pastime. It takes about the same amount of skill as playing a game of checkers which is considered a "game."

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