Should billie eyelash be yeeted into a garbage can in outer space where she cannot create music?

  • She definately should

    Boily eyelsh is bad and she has 1 good sungs she should be yeeted into the garbage can without a spae zuit and she will not be able to make any more bad sungs and no more stinky poo poo bad songs and then 14 year old girks will struop pretedng to be emo becuz they listen to boily eyleesh and n one gets it becas 14 yr ol gurls actd depresed bfter lsutjning to bad eylesh

  • Billie Eilish Doesn't Create Her Own Music To Begin With

    I knew about Billie Eilish even before she blew up and became famous, The first few songs that she wrote were considered to be very generic and quite a far distance from the music that stars can produce. Her brother Finneas then wrote her first big song Ocean Eyes which propeled her into stardom, And from then on in the song credits you always see the name Finneas O'Connell. This just goes to show that Bilie Eilish is just a rich vocalist who was lucky enough to be an industry plant and have a talented songwriter as a brother.

  • I don't know!

    I don't know her, But she looks cool in this picture and I think if she is a musician then that is great and she should keep being one. Young people will not stop being depressed if you send the people they admire to the moon. I can think of other people who should be sent to the moon, But none of them are young artists so I really doubt this proposition.

  • She is bad but why send her to the moon

    Just send her to rehab to get her depression treated. I would rather send the kardasions to the emptiness of space where they will fade into darkness. And emo girls will find something to idolizes and listen to. Trust me there are worse people than billy who would gladly take her place.

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