• Billionaires do, And should exist

    Barack Obama was wrong. The free-market capitalist system is, By design, Unequal because there are always people more ambitious, More able to plan and execute their plan, And simply more willing than others to educate themselves to acquire the skill to put their money to work for them as opposed to just working for money. This is possible because, At the root, There is no natural limitation to the money supply. There never comes a time when one has earned enough money. Those who think there is are defeated by a mirror.

  • No one needs that much money, Its simply theft.

    When one person hoards such amounts of money, Other people will be without enough money, Simple.
    Also, No one should have that much undemocratic power!
    We should simply abolish money and install an honest and direct democracy world wide so equality can prevail and money can't corrupt peoples lives anymore.

  • No, (unless inflation happens and a billion is worth a million)

    I am not against hard working honest rich people. There is something wrong when people own TOO much.
    How can there be millions of people living in poverty and 1 person owns more than all of them.

    Sure you might defend them that they work hard and that anyone can be rich if they work hard enough.

    But that is a LIE. You can work 10 combined lifetimes and you will never be rich like them. They got that way because they are hogging all the resources and opportunities.

    Right the middle class exists and people are trying to claw themselves up. At this rate there will be no middle class in the future.

    I am worried about huge international companies that will soon own the world and will own me. Look everything is being devoured by the elite.

  • Excessive wealth is the root of inequality and poverty

    Should there be disparity between people's income and general wealth? Yes. Should some people be so absurdly rich that the top 1% own more than 50% of the world's ressources? Definitely not.
    The reason than poverty exists is because there is no limit to the wealth on can acquire. Whith the digital era, It becomes easier and easier for people like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates to gain wealth, While the rest of the people have to fight for the leftovers. It doesn't work, And it won't get better with time. Wealth distribution is mandatory, Or else purchasing power will keep going down, People will keep being replaced with robots while company owners keep making more money.

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