• Bing is bad

    For the past several days I’vie been using Microsoft’s new Bing search engine in tandem with Google to compare the results without sacrificing my previous experience. The main reason why I did this was because I’d like to see viable competition to Google in the search engine space — plus I just like to try new things. After using Bing for several days, I think I’ll probably be going back to Google. I’m still going to give Bing a couple more days but so far the Cons of using Bing outweigh the Pros.

  • Its pretty worthless, Its like Mrs. Clinton, Needs all this support but still falls short

    No one likes bing, Not to mention Bing always has to sneak it's way into your life while with other search engines it always askes for your permission. I've changed my default many times to my preferred, Magically bing always comes back. That seems like a little sketchy don't you think?

  • Filthy disgusting images

    Type in 'girl models' and see the filthy images and leads to disgusting children in various sexual displays of modeling. This should NOT be allowed and should be BANNED right now from the Internet,
    How are we going to beat child molestation and abuse with these terrible photos of little kids sexually modeling for some perverted arsehole pedos. It does not matter if they still have there clothes on, IT IS STILL CHILD ABUSE, doesn't anyone else know this!! We must stop this filth NOW!! Please I beg of you all to support this view

  • For sure it should be banned

    I will always hate bing. I won't use Cortana as there isn't a way to use Google and it just using annoying bing. I would be ok with it if browsers didn't keep defaulting to bing and could delete it off my browser. Thankfully I got the problem solved and my default stays to google but can't seem to remove bing completely off the list of search engines in the settings as I will never voluntarily use bing ever.

  • Bing single-handedly converted me into a monarchist

    A capitalist society can never stop a worthless annoying website like bing from existing, but any king could ban bing outright and wipe it off the face of the planet like it so absolutely deserves. I hate bing so much sometimes I dream about a world in which the internet does not exist just so bing would also not exist. When searching into bing, a pointless list of irrelevant websites are brought up, almost as if the creators wish to ruin our days and waste our precious limited time. Any affluent person who donates millions to charity instead of buying bing in order to shut it down has very questionable moral priorities. Why the candidates for president have not made the removal of bing a top priority of their candidacy is beyond me.

  • Bing is a cheat

    Bing are cheats. On a website they made (bing it on) if you choose all google (you can tell because google underline), they say that they are pleased to know that more people choose bin, that makes you feel left out and that because you use google your an idiot and also it says try bing for free, well googles free and google help charities but bing dont

  • Bing is bad

    I have use both bing and google and to be honest, I would prefer to use google any day of the week. Plus competition with Google (where the main traffic comes from) is bad for them. If google didn't exist, they might have a chance but I think everyone will be using google in about five years.

  • Yes PLEASE cheese.

    I used to work in Tech support for Rogers Internet. So i'd be helping people navigate their browsers at times over the phone. Let me tell you how many people didn't know what the hell bing was but they had it. Okay. So bing installs it self? Thanks. Second: Bing doesnt always bring back legitimate responses. I tested it and bing sometimes just advertises unrelated crap to you. So stupid.

  • Enough With Bing

    Just one of those people that has had enough with all these people pro selling Bing. Yes I very it, we are best off with different major players. Google has a lot of the market. Lol I only saying ban Bing because I am binged out already! Enough with Bing!!!!!!!

  • Bing is Satan

    Bing is Satan because it provides no real information for anyone. Bing promotes itself for being better than Google, but Google is used more often than Bing. Without Google, we would be nowhere. Society would be destroyed without Google's services. Bing is not a good information source for anyone. Google is more developed than Bing. Google has Google Images, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Drive, and Google Play. Google Play dominates in the phone industry. The app store for Android phones is Google Play. And, if one hasn't noticed yet, almost all apps for the App Store on iPhone are now available on Google Play. And, not to mention, Google has Gmail. So many people use Gmail over Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, and other major email sites. What should one think about Google? Google is the bomb.Com. What is Bing? Bing is Satan.

  • It is another useful search engine.

    What reason is there to ban Bing? Though I must admit I am a Google user, Bing has the exact same purpose as Google: to provide a useful search engine for internet users. People that use Bing will most likely be angry if it is banned, and let's be honest here, no one wants to see an internet argument about Bing vs. Google.

  • Bing is the most stupid thing ever

    Bing is just wrong. They trick people. They're absolute flipping idiots they need to go. Google are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better they don't trick people and are not idiots also google is a word but bing isn't unless you put a capital B which is stupid. Google also have mor accurate results.

  • Google it sounds better

    Bing taking cheap shots at Google now? Its no bias that so many users use Google. Google works because its got a simple interface and clear results. Heck even saying "I Goggled something" sounds better than saying "I Binged something." But where does Bing leave you for verbs. Binged leaves you drunk, and Bingle leaves you in an Australian car accident. Anyway, there is something wrong if Bing has to resort to redirecting your browser to a search engine results comparision site that skews the output of Google with Cascade Style Sheets (www.Bingiton.Com) The users are not stupid. Users are smarter than ever before, and once again Microsoft disregards that with hostile corporate trickery. But the sad thing is that no one really even cares. No one talks about it. Its no controversy.

  • Bing has everything Google has to offer, and more.

    Ever noticed those tabs on the top of the Google homepage, and that all of them have a Bing counterpart? That's because Bing has the same services (except an email creator) that Google has. Bing also provides Bing rewards, which rewards you for searching on Bing. I agree, the world would be a nightmare without Google, but what would be the next big thing? Bing. The search results, the main purpose of a search engine. Google does filter out results, but mostly by name and popularity, so small businesses cannot be found, lowering their status even more. Visit savingsmallbusiness.Org to read more. Bing filters out not just name, but what it thinks works best. It doesn't filter out this site because it's unpopular. It filters out blah blah blah website because the actual site doesn't relate to the search topic. And, when I tested both engines, I noticed that Bing brought up more official sites than Google so that you wouldn't accidently open infected sites. If Google's been around for decades, and Bing's been around for a couple of years, then how come the results are better in Bing than in Google? Because Bing is modern and up to present day media, not back a few years. Bing is directly connected to Microsoft, the company responsible for the leading operating system, Windows, which has no trouble at all adapting to the new change to Bing. On Windows XP, I have had trouble typing in Google, and when I switched to Bing, the typing became clear and consistent. Since Bing is created by Microsoft, Bing is supported by all Microsoft-produced devices, such as the Windows phone and the X-Box. Bing can be integrated onto devices, while Google remains on the web, supported by only a few shortcuts on the Desktop. The Bing homepage also offers a chance to learn about the scenic image/GIF on it just by hovering the mouse to get a brief description, and if you're interested, you can learn more from a link provided on the homepage. Google only offers its logo, a search button, and an "I'm Feeling Lucky" which I'm not too sure what it does. The logo changes once every holiday or every two weeks, while Microsoft works hard to provide a new image/GIF everyday. Google needs to step up in its game to compete with Bing's growing search engine. When Microsoft finally develops a system that allows the creation of emails, nothing will be able to support Google ahead of the rest of the search engines.

  • It appears just as good as Google

    While I admit, I am not a Bing user, I know a little about business, and competition is very important. Competition brings out the best in any business, and Bing has really grown over the last few years. I feel at times it can be just as "smart" and even as useful as Google. People like alternatives.

  • Bing is a competitive search engine and should not be banned.

    I have always felt that most people who utilize the internet in general understand its power and potential in business, marketing, social networking, and most importantly, freedom. By "banning" any morally right website from the internet, you go against the pillar of freedom that the internet was built upon. Furthermore, by banning search engines people find "dumb" or "not effective" you remove the competitive spirit that drives the ingenuity at "super awesome" or "highly effective" search engines like "Google". I personally prefer Bing, generally speaking, however, I would not want to ban Google, out of the knowledge that because of their competitiveness it will help set higher standards for not just Bing, but ALL search engines that emerge. Competition drives higher quality products.

  • Bing is actually better

    Google is supporting more ad's on the mobile interface and you actually get less search results. I rather use yahoo or bing for mobile search. The results are actually much better and in some cases comparable to that of google search results. Bing is a challenger to google, and we need some competition

  • No.... It's like Google

    I agree Google is better than Bing. But, that does mean it isn't LIKE Google. It's a search engine that is filtered by the internet. It should not be banned if it has no viruses OR it's not breaking the law. It's not doing either of those. No it should not.

  • Nothing should be banned.

    Just because you don't like bing doesn't mean that others can't. Maybe it turns me on. Maybe bing tells me I'm pretty and google doesn't. Maybe I'm just more attracted to bing, you know, in a sexual way. Bing is just so much hotter the google. I mean, I'm okay with people of different races, but I am just more physically attracted to white search engines.

  • It's an internet filtered search engine....

    Why should it be banned? It's a search engine that has no viruses.... I like Google better, but why ban Bing... It's basically the same thing as Google. Google just has more search results AND does it in a faster time than Bing. There is no reason to ban Bing from the internet....

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