Should bioethics articles be available to the public?

  • Yes they should.

    I think that bioethics articles should be available to the public. I think if people really wanted to learn more about bioethics and want to further understand what it is and what it does than the people of the public should be allowed to have access to it. Knowledge should be free.

  • Release biethics articles

    Bioethics articles should be available to the public. They are of the utmost use to researchers, institutes of higher education, and also the majority. Citizens need to be aware of the contributions, controversies, and issues involving bioethics. These articles will help shape policy in the future, and that is something the citizenry should always be involved in.

  • Yes,bioethics articles should be available to the general public

    Especially when it comes to bioethics,the public should be entitled to examine any available research that becomes available.How we manipulate the universe through biology and whether it is right or wrong is a serious subject that should be studied by all citizens and not just those with an advanced degree.

  • Yes, because we all deserve knowledge.

    I think that bioethics articles should be available to the public. The public does deserve to know the happenings in bioethics. It would probably cause out roar, but what doesn't these days? We can't always trust people to make the right decisions en-masse, but the more information available the better--in most cases.

  • We need to know what is happening.

    Yes, bioethics articles should be available to the public, because the public should be able to weigh in on what is happening in the controversial field of bioethics. Leaders should not simply make decisions behind our backs and claim that it is for our own good. We have a right to knowledge about what is happening in our world.

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