Should biofuels be used as an alternative fuel source to gasoline?

Asked by: DShipp527
  • Many advantages to biofuels

    Having participated in bio-fuel research myself recently, I believe that this is the future to American energy. Biomass is very easy to accumulate as a source, and EVEN with current sugar separation technologies, it can very easily be done. The method I researched involves dissolving the biomass in a flow reactor with a solvent called "GVL". The process is on the verge of becoming extremely efficient. Overall bio-fuels are not as wasteful, don't pollute, and are very renewable due to the abundance of biomass.

  • Must be sourced properly

    Biofuels come in a number of forms. Alcohol derived from corn is a bad idea, because it uses potential food, and consumes more energy to distil that it produces in fuel. However more research is needed into digesting household waste and the use of algae and other microorganisms. The US has vast tracks of desert that get plenty of sun and these are an ideal location for photosynthesizing algae. More needs to be done to stimulate demand, so that eventually a complete change over may be achieved.

  • I do not support biofuels

    I believe using biofuels is not good for people who do not have very much money because the food prices rise quickly. When biofuels take from the eating sources theres not as much food, people have to pay more for food that used to be cheaper. When that happens, people are not going to be able to afford food and lose money. The wealthy demand crops for biofuels, so prices go way up and millions go hungry. Farmers who grow crops will be forced off of their land, so the producers of biofuels can use their crops for biofuels.

    Second Opinion

    Biofuels are not good for the environment because the biofuel producers are taking more and more plants from the wild. Animals need food to stay alive, so they do not go extinct. In the last ten years about 25% of the wild animals have been threatened to go extinct. I believe that, that is not right because animals will die from not being able to find food.

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