Should (biological) fathers have a legal say in whether or not an abortion can be performed on their child?

  • It was her fault as well as his

    If the women decides she doesn't want a kid based on the fact she says it was his fault she fell pregnant. Then the man has every right in to change her mind. She could of told him to stop, she could have used contraception either during intercourse or by using the morning after pill. However if she didn't then it means she must of wanted it at first so therefore why change your mind. If someone like that can change her mind that quick then surely they will probably change their mind after they have had the abortion. Unfortunately then I feel the women will blame the man for letting her when most probably he tried every method under the sun to try and save his baby.

  • The Father has as many rights to this baby as the Mother.

    Even though it's the woman's body, men should have a say in a Woman's pregnancy. Many women preach 'imagine how the mother feels' however nobody ever even stops to think how this affects the man. Women constantly moan about wanting to be equal to men however they refuse to let go of 'a man can't hit a woman' and that 'men have no say in a woman's pregnancy'. Even if this father does not want the baby, why should the woman be able to force a man into parenthood when they cannot force a woman into it?

  • Yes most cases.

    In a world where we define the unborn child as a fetus without rights and at the same time deny the biological father any rights to his unborn child, it is no wonder much of the world looks on this situation as fascist style legalized mass murder of the unborn.
    Imagine if we defined Life as starting at conception? Many religions and societies do so. There have been many people charged with double murder for killing a pregnant woman they knew was pregnant. Times have changed, but to say that they have done so for the better is not my belief.
    It is my belief that Life should be defined as starting at conception and that the unborn child should have a Right to Life and Protection somewhat equal to that to any other human. The ONLY exception would be to protect the life of the mother, but these cases are rare indeed on a purely medical basis. I am not talking about protecting the mother from "inconvenience" which is really the basis of most abortions.
    If our society started with defining human life starting at conception, then both the Father's rights and the unborn Child's rights would logically follow. To my mind this is the moral high ground and the one our society should pursue.

  • It's His Baby Too

    People seem to forget that it took both parties to create this baby. If she doesn't want the baby and the father does, why shouldn't he have a right to it? It's her's not the father's fault as to where the baby grows. I think the baby should be equal to both parents.

  • If you say no then if there is a divorce and the mother gets custody the father shouldn't have to pay for the child.

    At least that is how I see it. If the child is born it is the responsibility of both parents to provide and raise the child not one nor the other. My father was never around when I was a kid and it did have a great negative impact on the lives of my older sister and I. So saying that a father figure is not needed is very ignorant. The child is just as much the fathers as it is the mothers. Now if it is a case that the mother's is life in danger, rape or incest then no the mother is the only when who should have a legal say. But if it is two consenting adults married or not then they both should have a legal say in the life of the child.

  • Depends, but probably yes

    If you raped someone and they became pregnant, you have no business making any dictations regarding what your victim can or cannot do. On the other hand, if through a consensual act someone became pregnant and there is some sort of relationship between the two people, it's the father's child too.

  • I think that because this child is 50% the biological father's child, then he should definitely have a say so in the abortion of his child.

    I believe that the biological father has just as much rights to the decisions involving his unborn child as the mother does. I do not believe that just because she is carrying the baby it gives her more rights. There are cases of biological fathers being the better and more nurturing parent. If the woman became pregnant "by accident" or unintentionally, that does not change the fact that this child is part of two people, the mother and the father. Until both are in agreement, then no life changing decisions should be made.

    Posted by: UnsuitableRigoberto99
  • Yes, I agree biological fathers should have a say on abortion regarding their child, because they helped create them and should be as equally responsible and involved as the mother.

    Yes, I agree biological fathers should have a say on abortion regarding their child, because the father is just as responsible for making the child as the mother is. It takes two to tango, and it is not fair for the mother only to make this decision. It is not an easy decision like "what is for dinner on Sunday?". It's life and death of a little baby. I think, if the father wants the baby, but the mother doesn't, perhaps she could give birth and sign over full rights to the father, so the baby lives and the father is happy.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • A father is just as much a part of a baby as a mother so they should have a say in an abortion.

    It's a tragedy that some women who can't deal with a baby abort it before the father has a say. There have been cases when the father wants the baby or wants to talk about it and the woman or girl just goes for the abortion right away. This is wrong on so many levels; the worst part is an innocent child may die in a hasty decision.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • The child is as much a part of them as it is a part of the mother.

    Since a father is held financially responsible for a child from the moment the child is born, he should also be given the right and authority to intervene in keeping the child from being aborted. As long as a father agrees to be the responsible party for the child from birth, then he should definitely have the right to intervene in the choice of an abortion.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • No or yes.

    If you give them the right to say no you give them the right to say yes! Its sad that anyone would think they had a right over someone else's body. Could you imagine the outcome if they had that right, women would have to kill their children just because he didn't want them. No, I don't believe men should have any rights to a woman's body!

  • I hate to say it but...

    Babies quite simply do not need their biological fathers. This might be quite a controversial view but in so much as we are animals, men aren't tuned into a baby's needs. They have no real concept of what a woman goes through during pregnancy & how much of herself is given to support this new life. It is 100% her decision at this stage as to whether she wishes to proceed down this road. Being forced into it by a man could have all kind of detrimental effects on her health which would consequently cause some level of harm and distress to the baby both before and after birth. Where I get really controversial is that I don't believe that after birth even babies need their biological fathers. I'm not saying a male influence isn't beneficial but being a sperm donor does not equate with being a father & does not automatically give you the right to be involved with the child. I'm not referring to good, responsible men but I have seen too many cases of relationships between child & biological fathers be forced for legal or 'moral' reasons which have ended in disaster & it is always the child that gets unnecessarily hurt. A man is not a father until he proves himself 100% after birth & certainly, the ability to ejaculate doesn't make you a father. In the 60's, experiments that were carried out looking into the genes of various people & their families in re: research into various illnesses had to be stopped because it turned out that around a half of the fathers were (unknowingly) not the biological father. A child thrives in whatever is the best situation for them at the time. This idea of la man having legal rights over what a woman does with her body is ludicrous (I'd love to see that one work the other way round) & yes (the more controversial point), the idea that a man is a father at all until he has proved himself is just as ludicrous. Before you think i'm being overly sexist, a woman also has to prove herself as a mother but if she wishes to make a termination with the belief that for whatever reason, continuing with the pregnancy is the wrong thing to do, then that in itself is making the responsible decision. Why bring more children into messes where the people around them aren't functioning well enough to care for them? It's complete madness. A man can also make the choice to walk away after the baby is born. A woman doesn't have this choice. I'd like to see a man bear the responsibility of the subsequent care from birth. Sexist as this may sound, I'm yet to see this managed successfully because dare I say it, 99% of the men i've met throughout my career in this area, wouldn't have a clue what to do with a baby if left to their own devices. If they're not in a position to deal solely with the consequence of the pregnancy then they should have no say but even that aside, until they have to carry the baby and go through nine months of their entire life and body changing then they have no say. Have a read up on it - nature never intended for us to behave that way. A woman's job is to care for (which includes making the important decisions on behalf of) her baby. This does not biologically concern a man.

  • Women risk their lives to give birth.

    It's unfair to assume that the child will 50% belong to the father- because the mother does all the work of carrying and giving birth to the child. If I became pregnant and decided to keep the child, I'd know what I'm getting myself into- I wouldn't need some man telling me what to do. It's a faschist idea that abortion has anything to do with men... unless one of them managed to get pregnant.

  • No because just because there the "father" doesnt mean anything.

    Yes, it takes two to create a child, but how many people raise a child alone? Just because the father doesn't want an abortion performed, doesn't mean anything. If they're not going to be there for the child, then it REALLY doesn't matter what they want.

  • No, because only when fathers get pregnant can they can make the abortion decisions.

    Providing the sperm that produced a fetus does not earn men a legal role in a woman's abortion decision regarding that fetus. Abortion laws represent the societal interest in the decision. All other rights must stay with the woman, as it is her body. While I can sympathize with the wishes of an expectant father, there are certain biological realities that both males and females must accept. The woman carries the fetus, and must be allowed control of her own body to the extent the law permits. To give others control over her body would set a frightening precedent. Imagine, too, the impracticalities of granting rights to the expectant father. If a woman and her doctor determine that there is a medical need for an abortion, shall the father have the right to demand that she undergo examination by a doctor of his choice? Should the woman undergo a hearing to determine if the medical risk to her of continued pregnancy is "enough" to overcome the desires of the father?

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • It's not quite 50:50

    A mother provides her nutrition, her energy, her very body for nine months. A father might provide 50% of the DNA but the mother provides the life-sustaining womb, nutrients, and safety for a fetus to grow. If a woman has a consentual relationship with the father of her child and wishes to keep it and he does not, that's too bad. It's irresponsible to have sex ithout coinsidering a.the values of your partner and b. the possibilities of pregnancy/child support. I think women should have the ultimate say and men should step up and exercise a little more proactive responsibility.

  • Men don't have the right to make decision's concerning women's bodies.

    The baby is inside the woman's body, thereby affecting her health and not his, so it's the woman's decision to make and not the man's. I respect the right of men to have an opinion on the topic of abortion, but in the end it's not their decision to make.

  • I say he shouldn't

    The women is the one who carries the child, who's body can go through all kinds of changes. She has to adjust to the changes while she works, goes to school, is in to exercise etc. Sometimes the father may want her to have this child, and later not be responsible for the child.

  • The woman should have the ultimate say so...

    My argument is if your not ready when will you be? When is that court holds you accountable for what you have done? Oh life is about just playing adult? I think its being an adult and finding time to be joyful like a child which is only taught as children... We were all once children and it USUALLY takes 2 consenting people to get involved in the act of creating life. That is why the sciences are so amazed and so intrigued with being able to design! How do we evolve if we halt the process...We get here either by accidental or planning unless its rape. Either way someone had to have made a choice to keep you here regardless of your suffering you did and do have good and bad moments in life, THAT IS LIFE!!! The ability to be unselfish, caring and loving. I come from a married mother and father that are still together and support is definitely encouraged and the best form of gratification. I say no they don't have a say in terminating unless its mutual(Usually because ppl enter into things without being competent of the results) but Ultimately its a woman's body!!! Her natural given right (basic if it was up to men than naturally they would be equally able to create... It takes sperm duh yeah but that's the binding contract to making a life #BASIC)!!! But in the case of an incompetent female an educated and reasonable man should step up to the aid and assistance since it was a dual job and incur the duties of supporting it (with time(if capable of competency), and monetarily to teach the lesson of creating life not being lightly and consequential) at the end of the day she should can ask/ consider/inform the male not merely for opinion but determine if she would consider the path after taking all her options into consideration along with an educated and loving head because its for consideration that we are here but know that regret will linger if the decision is to abort, because its natural for people with a conscious to have remorse... Keep in mind we are here to learn to live in love and consideration not greed even though that is what makes greed is the uniformed ego being stopped from its evil and told its a good thing... In short EVERY action has a consequence

  • No simple as

    There are lots of reasons why a man should not have a say to name a few, PND can you imagine a child growing up with a mother and the child knowing they were not wanted by one of his/her parents. Medical issues for the mother, rape victims, underage pregnancy, women in later ages. Yes you could try and blame the woman why didn't she use contraceptives, but no contraception in the world is 100% affective there is always a risk no matter how small. Men can easily walk away too the woman however can't it's her body it's her going through nine months of pregnancy with morning sickness, fatigue etc it's her body that's changing and her life if it's not the right time for her then fair enough slander this post and what I've said but in truth men have a second to splat women have a life time clearing up after it

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Quan says2013-08-22T19:04:06.667
I don't even know how you would enforce something like this. The problem is that unless we grant fathers' some parental rights, we have to free them from legal obligations as well. Statements like "keep it in your pants" just reek of misandry, especially when they don't hold women to the same standard. Women hold all the power during and after the pregnancy and they know it. It's why they get so defensive whenever this topic is brought up.