• Yes yes yes

    Just look at the Corona virus, Started in Wuhan and has spread globally. Biological warfare would more than likely decimate a high percentage of human life on earth if not all life from just the tiniest slip up like the biological weapon mutating changing into something more contagious and deadly that it started out to be, Especially with how much world travel we have.

  • Yes, it should be

    I am at a loss for explanation here, and I am probably wrong and being completely illogical, but there is something more...disturbing about the use of biological weapons. I am against war in general, but as it gets more and more sickening, I think there should be international law in place.

  • Yes, biological warfare should be illegal.

    I think that biological warfare should definitely be illegal even though conventional warefare isn't. There will always be war. So that explains why conventional warfare will never be illegal. But that doesn't mean we can't make something like biological warefare illegal since it is something that can be harmful to everything.

  • ALL warfare should be internationally illegal.

    I know this will never be the case but ALL warfare should be internationally illegal. We like to think that we are civilized but the truth is we are ignorant savages. War will always have a place in our world because it is a part of us. We are as violent as we are peace loving.

  • It could help.

    I do not want to say that biological war fare should be internationally illegal, even if conventional warfare isn't, because there might be a time that we want to use biological warfare. If someone is using it to attack Americans, I can envision a scenario where we might use it back.

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